Water: Washing Clothes in Tub Every Night?

I’d been hearing water running in the bathroom for hours every evening. For months. Usually from around 11 PM to 3 AM. From the apartment beneath me. California is in a severe drought. I finally, reluctantly reported it to Ross. I didn’t know if he would do anything or give me a hard time. He said he would look into it. Did he?

Not enough people down there to be taking baths or showers for four hours every night.

No surprise, when they moved out, the running water stopped.

How much water wasted while they were here?

I first found out that many Chinese students and others were washing their clothes in their bathtubs. Alison MacKenzie’s former Chinese roommate did that. Then dried using the bathroom heater to dry her clothes. Oh no, but truth.

A bit of education might have helped our drought.

From: Jenny Lens
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 12:14 PM
Subject: Excessive water use #8 late at night?


From 11:30 PM to at least 2:30 AM, 3 hours, I heard water running, seemed beneath me, #8, Starting Sunday May 25.

Loud squeaky faucet turned on, full blast, water running into tub. I heard water draining when water wasn’t running. On and off every 1-3 minutes, for THREE hours. Constantly. No stopping.

On for 1-3 minutes.

Off for 1-3 minutes.

For 3 hours. Steadily, constantly.

Water running all the way on. Not a dribble, but full force.

I went to bed at 2:30 AM. Heard noise from bedroom which shares wall with #19. It wasn’t as loud. (I was in bedroom sharing wall #17, closer to bathroom, when I heard it for 3 hrs).

Sounds like it came from #8.

I got up a couple hours later and did not hear it again. It’s been quiet.

WHY would someone turn tub water on, full blast, on and off, for 1-3 minutes, for 3 hours?

Waste of water in this drought season.

So loud I couldn’t hear DVD I was watching on my computer.

Can you please look into this? Maybe there’s a problem downstairs?

Thank you,
Jenny #18

Subject: RE: Excessive water use #8 late at night?
Date: May 26, 2014 7:44:19 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens

Thank you for the information. I’ll look into it.

[Nothing changed until they moved out.]

Thank you,
Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company

Author: anat

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