Threat Warning I Am Breaking Lease re Harassment

On Sep 30, 2015, at 1:44 PM, RHB BLDG6 <> wrote:


It’s good to know u can diagnose a smoke detector problem without even inspecting at it.

That’s a remarkable talent.

Our noise concern is unecessary and excessively loud voices, including shouting and boisterous laughter that can be heard throughout the enclosed courtyard because it traps and amplifies even normal voices; not the intermittent chirping of a smoke detector. [REALLY? What about the LAW?]

And by the way, the tenant in unit #15 has complained to me in writing about you snooping outside her front door & windows. That’s called “causing a nuisance” and must cease immediately.

[Her inside door was open. I merely asked if her Sunny were there. She said “No Sunny.” I asked if she still lived there. She said “No Sunny.” She then SLAMMED the door in my face. That’s snooping? I wrote Sunny and she still lives there. Plus Mergery¬†WROTE me that woman slammed the door and threatened HER. So who is the harasser?]

It’s a tenant’s responsibility to notify us about issues in their unit. It’s really none if your business what occurs in another unit unless you’re aware of a dire energency.

You aren’t the property’s designated ombudsman.

[THAT NOISE might indicate trouble somewhere. Freakin’ annoying!! Chased me out of my own living room.]

Ross Gentry

Clear warning/threat against me!

Clear warning/threat against me!

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