Talking Outside Courtyard NOT Permitted

I ran downstairs to tell my roommate of some good news. I wasn’t out long. Nor was I loud. ALL the tenants hear someone at some time. Those closest to the courtyard hear the most.

WE HEAR ROSS ALL THE TIME. Shouting at people. Threatening them, telling them he has them on video and he has photos. Or just talking. Rebuttal on next page.

Unnecessary Noise in Courtyard
April 28, 2015 5:58:51 PM PDT


Please be aware that ur loud voice while u were standing outside the laundry room door could be heard
in my office at the front of bldg.

Unfortunately the courtyard captures & magnifies loud talking & laughter or any other noise.

[WHAT is their hatred of Laughter? He mentions it throughout many posted emails and txt msgs. WHY did THEY move into a courtyard?]

It’s really not different from similar loud voices that disturb u & Julie.

[HOW DARE HE! He IGNORES ALL my emails about noise. He IGNORES Maria’s too. Ask the others. Noise WE reported goes on for HOURS after 10 PM! This was not even 6 PM. How arrogant, so self-righteous. Ross assumes to speak for ANY of the tenants. Ross NEVER speaks for ANY tenants, resident or guest. Ross ONLY speaks for he and Donna, and the Roberts Companies.]

And any noise that annoys & disturbs u, me or other residents is specifically prohibited by the
building’s rules & regulations; not to mention common courtesy & consideration of others.

Thank you,

WHAT is he talking about?

READ these emails. Point out when and where Ross is EVER practicing what he’s preaching:  “common courtesy & consideration of others“? He is constantly threatening us we are violating our Lease in ways we’ve never encountered.

Preaching … that’s exactly it. That is why he stresses me to the breaking point. He Preaches to me. To others. He’s so much better. We are his wayward flock of sheep. He’s forever battling to keep us in line or kicks us over the cliff.

ANY noise? He and Donna re the sole arbitrator. IF they had their way, we wouldn’t watch TV, play music or an instrument or utter a sound. ASK the present and past tenants and residents.

I heard Ross talking to Steve Milliken #20. I was in my living room, door open. Warm May 2015. Ross in front of his unit. Steve talking about some health regime. Ross said he wasn’t doing anything.

Ross had an MRI April 29 and was waiting for the results. (Sent this email April 28.)

Would he be surprised I know that? I was minding my own business, READING in MY living room, enjoying fresh air. NO fresh air in back rooms. Either hot and stuffy or cold.

NOW I can’t sit in MY living room, door closed, cos of that chirp.

I don’t feel comfortable talking INSIDE my own home. Ross sends THREATENING emails.


I just don’t usually write it down. COURTYARD living. HE should close HIS doors and windows and insulate the walls.

Ross and Donna have me SO many things about the neighbors next to them. Claudia and Meyte, #4 formerly, told me he was continually pounding on their walls. I don’t do that to my neighbors after midnight. They talk loudly at times! Laughter too! Whooping it up, as if they or their team won or something.

Do you know how weird I sound to my pals? I tell them Do Not Talk outside. Seriously, they think onsite managers are nuts. My pals on Facebook and IRL (in real life) cannot believe I’m yelled at for talking.

STOP Talking. Inside. Outside.

Author: anat

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