From: Ross <>
Subject: Loud Talking
Date: June 2, 2015 4:34:36 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens <>

Jenny, if you need to talk loudly either close ur doors/windows or lower ur voice. I can hear u in my street facing office. U know the courtyard captures & magnifies any kind of noise, specifically loud talking, etc. I shouldn’t have to close my front door/windows to accomodate u. Others will be dealt with separately. A response is not required. Ross

[“Others will be dealt with separately.” WHAT?]

I immediately asked Judy Smith, #21 and Claudia and Mayte, #4 (next door to Ross, and I sure heard them!). They would hear anything Ross heard.

ALL said they NEVER hear me. My roommate still can’t get over the fact I got this email for talking to her inside.

I shouldn’t have to close my front door/windows to accommodate HIM. 

ANNOYING to constantly hear him yelling at people. Worse than ANNOYING to read his emails, txt msgs, transcribe his yelling and swearing in the vid.

Oppressive, depressing, scary, stressful … and YOU have not seen ALL the evidence I have! Shall I go on?


Author: anat

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