Smoke Detector Chirping: Neighbor Reported Oct 2015

If Ross doesn’t hear it, it doesn’t exist. Tonight (Oct 11, 2015) I saw Alison MacKenzie’s #6 door open. First I stealthily slipped downstairs, keeping my head down. Away from #15 (although for 17 years NO ONE ever reported I snooped).

I softly said, through the metal screen door, “Happy Birthday Ali!” I waited a moment. I didn’t want to appear as if I were harassing her (per Ross Gentry’s unfounded assertion). I started to walk away. I heard her voice, turned around and walked back towards her.

We spoke at great length about a lot of things. As we have since 1997, when I moved in.*

I said “Did you hear that chirping sound?” She said “Yes.” I said “For how long?” She said “Just started a while ago.” I said, “September 29. Did you tell Ross?

Ali began: “Yes I told Ross and Donna.”

Donna saw me outside. She said “You don’t have your cane anymore? (Ali hurt her leg at work). Donna asked “Is everything were all right?

Ali answered: “That fire detector is making that squeaking sound again.” Then Ross poked his head out. Ross said “Do you have a problem?

[As if she wouldn’t be talking to Donna if not for a problem. Remember, Donna initiated the conversation, according to Ali.]

Ali repeated that the smoke detector appeared to be defective again. It either needed a new battery or placed or something.

Ross said “Don’t hear it. And there is nothing wrong.

What about Santa Monica Municipal Code 8.44.100? I wrote about this: Smoke Detector Code Violations 8.44.100. June – October 2015.

This is the SAME conversation that we BOTH had last spring/early summer. I reported it back in June. This is why I came on so strong this time in my email.

Is it really necessary for Ali and I to report this? Ross always tells many of us we are NOT to “instruct” him in his job. Most wouldn’t communicate with him AT ALL IF took care of these matters BEFORE we reported it.

I hate talking or emailing him. It’s like walking on land mines. Never know what the response will be. To a chirping, squeaking probable defective smoke detector. My WHOLE life turned upside down over that? No, I don’t look for this kind of engagement with him. I do my BEST to stay away.

Ross always tells us he and Donna know exactly what’s going on in this building. As, Ali #6, Maria #9, I others say: If Ross doesn’t hear it, it doesn’t exist.

Never mind the laws and the codes. Never mind our right to quiet and privacy.

I have worked too hard in my life to be held back by this man who possibly violates city and state laws. Plus our First Amendment rights, Santa Monica’s anti-harassment laws and our right to quiet and privacy. I wouldn’t be walking around, trying to find the source of noise, IF he walked around instead.

*FYI: Donna Gentry usually gives me such grief for talking to Ali. I keep telling Donna: I’ve talked to Ali since 1997. I was slowly moving in. I met her right away. We’ve been friends ever since.

The Gentrys started May, 2010. Ali and are friends. Donna didn’t bother us then, but so often has. I like to talk to my neighbors. Many like talking to me. They cannot stand that!

The Gentrys accuse us of talking against them. ONLY when the Gentrys won’t repair things, yell at us for whatever, send nasty emails, texts and worse … This document reveals a tiny portion of what is going down. Down hard on most of us, past and present residents.

Author: anat

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