Screen Door Accidentally Open; Threatened with Lease Violation

I usually lock my screen door when I leave. I have to run to my back room to get my keys. I saw someone and wanted to quickly discuss something. I ran out, but didn’t lock the screen door.

I was only gone about 10 minutes. During that timeframe I received two very disturbing emails from Ross. I’m seeing a pattern as I compile these: he will send off many missives if we don’t comply with his wishes ASAP. [See Noise Downstairs? We Said No. He said Yes.]

He notified me that it was against the lease to leave my screen door open. Gets very hot here, facing the west with no air conditioner.

I was horrified that he was accusing me of deliberately breaking my lease. It was an accident the door did not latch correctly.

I was secondly disturbed by the fact that he did not come up to see if there were a problem. He did not close the door nor investigate the incident.

Instead he accused me of violating my lease. One reason to have an on-site manager is to keep an eye out if there’s problems. Not to accuse someone of violating their lease because their screen door is unlatched.

See the tone of his voice in his emails. Plus my reaction. I was rather horrified. He should know me by now that I pay my rent on time, am quiet, don’t throw parties or anything. I don’t appreciate his accusatory voice.

When I lived in East and West Hollywood, I WAS ROBBED. A few times. Any idea how I felt seeing the door open? You never get over that horrible feeling, seeing your door open.

I also knew a) my roommate was there. b) anyone can walk on by. And close the door. NOT an impediment to the walkway.

I’ve a few photos of apartments NOT in his line of view. Who kept their screen doors open WHILE they were right inside. For a long time and often. But I’m a criminal. Not.

Subject: Screen Door
Date: May 24, 2014 5:05:51 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens


Thanks for rent check.

By the way, company policy requires tenants who have screen doors to keep them closed at all times.

Yours happens to be wide open which is an open invitation for someone to walk into your unit.

Thank you,
Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company

Subject: RE: Screen Door
Date: May 24, 2014 5:08:38 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens

More>>> your screen door is also blocking the walkway. Please close it promptly.

[Anyone could have closed it IF it were really blocking their way.]

Thank you,
Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company

From: Jenny Lens
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2014 7:12 PM
Subject: Screen Door UNKNOWINGLY opened, I prefer it shut at ALL times!

It was an ACCIDENT! I didn’t know it was open: I closed it and was stunned to see it open!

It was installed to keep insects, children and thieves out. No point having it if it’s open.

If this happens in the future, I would appreciate anyone closing it. 

I was NOT home at the time. The minute I came back, I closed it. I’ve been offline, cleaning in the living room.

I don’t have my phone nor email on at all times. I just saw this and responding right away.


Subject: RE: Screen Door UNKNOWINGLY opened, I prefer it shut at ALL times!
Date: May 25, 2014 8:39:08 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens

I thought so.

Thank you,
Ross Gentry

HE THOUGHT SO? Yet doesn’t come up to see if any problems. Instead, sends rapid emails, demanding I close it now.

My phone doesn’t do emails. I wasn’t home. Yikes. Shaking just formatting this.

Author: anat

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