Santa Monica City + Ross + Donna Gentry = Conflict for Residents

Donna Gentry works with the City, planning events (to my knowledge).

Ross always holds that over our heads. His wife is such a big shot. Such good friends with the Police Department. He said this time and time again.

You can read it throughout this document. Always threatening to call the Police. Aren’t the Police a bit too busy to come out cos a child or adult made noise for a few minutes?

Alison MacKenzie told me Donna Gentry often gossips in the laundry room. Or outside, because Ali and Donna run into each other. Ali has shared a few incidences with me.

Donna told Ali, and I paraphrase:

“You know, crime is up. It would be good to get rid of that element in our neighborhood.” [This is the gist, talk to Alison for details.]

Word spread that Ross (perhaps Donna) were saying that Raul Jr is “threatening.” Next thing we knew, Ross Gentry (and I assume the Roberts Companies) filed a lawsuit. Details:

Les Miz Redux or Nuisance Lawsuit?

This came to a head with circa July 2014 incident with Oscar and Raul, #16.

Oscar Sanchez told Alison MacKenzie #6 and I the following:

Ross allegedly threatened that he would evict them. The offense: Cute little Zach, who is Oscar’s nephew, Raul’s grandson, was visiting. He’s about 7? I don’t know kid’s ages. Anyway, he made a little noise. Nothing to write home about.

Ross, while yelling at Oscar, pulled out Donna’s photo. It escalated. Oscar told Ross to leave. Oscar called the police.

Ross also showed the Police a photo and said “Do you know who this is? My wife is good friends with the Police Department.”

The Police returned to #16. Police allegedly told Oscar he could open he could file a report. I think they gave a card to Oscar to follow up.

I do not know the status. Raul and Oscar only told me in was being investigated. I wonder.

First time any of us heard that Ross has displayed his aggressive, intimidating behavior to city personnel. It is especially fitting that he said this to the Police. [Based on what Oscar told us.]

BUT IF Ali had not been home and heard the commotion upstairs, and I happened to pass by, see her door open, and say Hi, we would never know this. How many other times has this happened?

IF Donna Gentry did NOT gossip, I could not put together these pieces. Wonder what other incidents?

I wrote this prior to July 2014. Compiling this, Ross is OFTEN threatening to call the Police. It’s in the text msgs and Lease Illegally Unilaterally Imposed: City Said NO!

Ross and Donna Gentry Yell at Me

Ross gets me so upset that at times I literally I’m shaking and almost crying. A typical incident: I knocked on his door because this is before he had his email set up.

I said “I don’t want to take  your time. I just want a report a maintenance problem.”

He then went on and on about who knows what finally telling me that he had no time to talk to me. I said “Fine, thank you.”

He kept yelling at me. He had no time to talk to me. I ONLY wanted to report a maintenance issue. I became so upset.

I ran into Donna. I said “I only wanted to report a maintenance issues. Your husband yells at me all the time. He makes me cry.”

Donna Gentry said “Oh, I don’t believe that  he yells at you.”

I was standing there crying, visibly upset, relaying the story. I was asking for help!

WHAT? She’s never heard him? WE DO.

Take a look at the video and read the transcript. Tell me he doesn’t yell. Swear. Make illegal demands. Racist.

More than once Donna Gentry yelled at me. A former tenant in #14 and I were outside the laundry room talking. I was telling him about that weekend’s art shows at Bergamot Station. We can walk to Bergamot.

She was standing by #2, with grass in between us. She was yelling that I was trying to get her husband fired. Later she apologized.

(Way too little, too late. I was already traumatized.)

Donna Gentry YELLED at me. ACROSS the courtyard. Violated her husband’s rules.

Neighbors Talking Together. Spring, 2014/15? I can’t remember precisely, after working on this non-stop for weeks. I think 2014, but I typed 2015 in my notes.

I walked home through the carport in the back. I saw two neighbors and asked how they were doing. I was facing the trash, at end of carport. I saw Donna coming at us.

They watch us via the carport cameras. I told the others “Donna’s coming. I have to leave.” Donna then followed me in the courtyard.

Donna said that Raul, Maria and I were ‘interesting group.’ Then made some unpleasant faces.

I said: “What’s wrong with neighbors talking? I’ve been talking to them and others way before you both moved in. I’ve seen Raul, #16 and Maria’s two daughters, #9, grow up.”

Donna snickered, shook her head, shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

Shudder. I was again, shaking. WHAT THE ?

REALLY ABUSIVE. Judgmental. If they don’t like courtyard living, WHY did they move in? To control us to their ideas of ‘acceptable’ behavior (using one of Ross’s fave words: our actions so ‘unacceptable’)?

Donna Gentry GOSSIPED and COMPLAINED about neighbors when they moved in. I don’t know why Donna constantly told me their issues with “Noise” and the neighbors. She’d always confront me when I was merely taking out the trash, checking my mail, or walking through the courtyard to my apartment.

She’d describe, in great detail, the people in Unit #2 were always clanging and banging in their kitchen on Sunday mornings. Donna and Ross Gentry’s kitchen is next to #2’s kitchen. Better than being their bedroom next to #2 kitchen. Sunday morning’s clattering of pots and pans, cupboards opened and closed. And so on and on and again and again Donna told me.

I thought:

First, this is NONE of my business. Donna and Ross always telling us not to talk to the neighbors (see Censoring First Amendment Rights). So WHY is she (and Ross, but especially Donna, who gossips in far more detail) taking to me?

Don’t they realize that the constant yelling and abuse from she and Ross means I don’t want to EVER talk to them?

The Gentry’s gossip DISGUSTS me. They are deliberately pitting us against each other. They want US to feel sympathy for their situation. In what world?

TMI. Way more than any of us need to know. We only want to know when the chirping will stop. Or what rights we still have here. The things which affect us directly. What’s a little pots and pans on a weekend?

Ross gossips too. We know FAR too much about THEIR issues with other people. THEY never want to deal with OUR issues. Legitimate noise, some of which I documented. Not clanging on a Sunday morning, getting ready for a family Sunday meal, I assume.

IF we hear noise late at night, which goes on for hours, or we hear people whooping and hollering while they play computer games, THEY don’t want to know about it!

Talk about double standard. Many are uncomfortable with the FACT Ross and Donna Gentry gossip about us to other people not relevant to the issue at hand. WHO knows what they say to the Owner to demonize and Divide us? INVASION OF PRIVACY.

Author: anat

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