Ross Told Me to Talk to Maria; Donna Said Do Not Talk to Neighbors

Not too long after the Gentrys took over the building, I was in the laundry room. Ross started discussing parking issues with me. I did not initiate the conversation. I do my best to avoid all conversation with him.

I REALLY dread doing the laundry. Always terrified he’s going to walk in and yell at me. I usually listen to to my iPod, which I use MOSTLY for that purpose. So I don’t get upset in the laundry room, afraid he’ll corner me with a conversation like this …

He told me that No 9, Maria, was parking in my spot and others people spots. It was illegal to do so.

[WHOA! Have you heard of parking restrictions like that? No friends, family, neighbors in your parking spot. Illegal in WHOSE world? Theirs. How would that make YOU feel? Read on … another twist coming up!]

I told him that I would talk to her if I saw her. That evening I took out the trash. I ran into Maria in the carport. I relayed the conversation to her.

Then Donna Gentry came out and asked us if we’d seen a man running out around the carport. We had not.

I told her that I was discussing the parking issue. She told us, in a very harsh voice, that they would prefer the residents do not discuss building issues with each other.

I said “But your husband brought it up when I was the laundry room today. I’m only trying to help. He told me to talk to Maria.”

She said “We still we do not want you to talking to each other.”

Then she left. I turned to Maria. I said “I’m sure that someone somewhere in Santa Monica is talking about building issues at this moment.” I mentioned it to an attorney I knew at the time.

The attorney laughed. She said “There’s this thing called the First Amendment, freedom of speech.”

Another instance of intimidation and harassment.

Author: anat

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