Video + Transcript Ross Gentry Swearing at Tenants June 2015

Neighbor video’d Ross swearing at tenants. Probably violating eviction process. Yelling at someone to move? Where’s the paperwork?

Ross Gentry Swearing at Tenants, June 25, 2015.

Heard throughout courtyard. Ross has a strict “do not talk in courtyard” policy. (He doesn’t want ME talking in MY home. Nasty emails.)

They constantly scold, yell, threaten and punish those who talk. Yet most residents hear them outside quite often. Many, including me, can tell you what Ross and Donna Gentry said downstairs. They don’t want US talking. They talk. Ross YELLS. Many can verify and add info.

Recorded by woman in vid. She was afraid to hold her phone up. Sound is clearer inside her home.

Ross Gentry clearer interior audio, Swearing at Tenants, June 25, 2015

Transcript of Video of Ross Swearing at Tenants. Thursday, June 25, 2015, 2600 Virginia Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Loud Arguments in the Courtyard.

Initiated by onsite manager, Ross [Samuel] Gentry, #3, Roberts Companies employee.

People involved, either verbally defending themselves against Ross or witnesses:

  1. Merta [last name?] and her room-mate, Josh Parrales, Apt #4
  2. Raul [last name?] and his step-son Oscar Sanchez, Apt #16
  3. Balcony witness, Mr X (I bet #17. They had many run-ins. Nice, educated, talented young men. Southwest balcony area).
  4. Recorded by Sam Staats, #7
  5. Heard and seen by Hallie aka Helen [last name?] #12
  6. Heard by Reuben [last name?] #24
  7. Transcribed by Jenny Lens, #18

WHO was the mystery man, on the balcony?

Told Ross he was going to call the Police on all of them?

Several numbered notes from various witnesses to Ross’s behavior vs our legal rights at end.

Heard in ALL four corners of the building, upstairs and downstairs. Ross Gentry always texts, emails and yells at us for being loud. We don’t swear at each other outside. We don’t engage in public arguments loudly in our apartments nor outside. Two units just moved in, paying top dollar. Within 4 days, he alienated all three new residents in #7.

He blames us for difficulty renting and keeping tenants. We have a long list of incidents like this. Text messages, emails, verbal accusations and now this video. This video is golden. You can clearly hear the tone of his voice, his disturbing vocabulary, his bullying others, repeatedly calling someone a liar. He constantly calls us liars.

I received a detailed email from Merta’s daughter, Claudia, shortly before I saw the video from another resident. Claudia wrote of ongoing problems because Ross was continually accusing Josh of slamming the screen door. When Ross gets an idea in his head, he doesn’t let go. Like the parking situation (that’s another story).

Merta in her apt, voices outside.

Josh: “You snore every night.”

Ross: “It’s not me. It’s my wife.”

Josh: “Whoever.” Mumbling.