Roommate Procedure Designed to Fail Tenants

The Roberts Companies has a policy of making it difficult to replace a roommate. Roommates have to complete an application. Which the Roberts companies usually misplace and/or rarely acknowledge. For years, Alison MacKenzie, #6, told me horror stories of not hearing from the Roberts Companies every time she submits a roommate application.

Alison lost so many potential roomies through the years because of their process. She had to pay the whole rent herself. Kept looking for a roommate. Often for months.

Alison was told by Ross that in addition to the roommate application, she needed to fill out of form that had a number on it.

“What form? What number?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulder. She had no idea.

I told her to go back the next day and get that form. She did so the next day. He had no idea what form she was talking about.

I repeatedly told her to contact Rent Control to find out the legal procedure. I wrote Rent Control a series of emails on her behalf. They told me move-in is allowed after 14 days. I wasn’t sure if 14 calendar or 14 work days. Took more emails to clarify 14 calendar days from submitting app and no response.

Ali said he could move in next week.* I asked how much time passed since she submitted app. Hearing her answer, I said, no, if you hear nothing, he can move in two (2)* days. I told her to call and tell potential roomie the update. Mike moved in soon thereafter.

She heard nothing. Roberts Co never responds to her roommate applications.

Ross later spoke to Alison in the laundry room. He said “Your roommate has bad credit.”** She said “Well that’s four days after the deadline, so why are you telling me now he’s moved in?” Ross said “Thought you might want to know.” Allison just shrugged her shoulders.

Roommate has a job, family in the community and is a nice quiet mature man. Then Ross returned the roommate’s check that he wrote to process the credit check.

So how can Ross know that he has bad credit if they didn’t cash the check? Why did Ross return the check? Why did he tell her he has bad credit? Another form of intimidation and harassment.

** Privacy issues: Is it the tenant’s right to know credit history of roommate? If we don’t ask, why should Ross tell us? Especially after move in. What is that about? I wonder about privacy rights.

* Approximate dates. Point: my researched informed she and I her roommate could move in sooner.

Written prior to July 2014.

Author: anat

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