Reactions to Abusively Dragging a Child

A few comments about MY experience being dragged as a child. One (of many) incident(s) which change a person forever. The private messages were heartbreaking. So many people, especially girls, experienced all kinds of violent and verbal abuse as children.

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‘Please stop’: Young girl begs as unapologetic Texas dad drags her through Walmart by the hair
Photos of a Cleveland, Texas man pushing a cart through a Walmart store while dragging his young daughter by the hair have gone viral on Facebook with over…

Amanda Martínez: If no one has then I will say it, you are a good girl. And a strong woman and a survivor. Thank you for sharing that story so many other victims of abuse can see they are not alone and what a survivor can do and go on to be. The woman expressed several times she wants the child to know someone cares. You have such a rich and vibrant story to share with the world one day.

Jenny Lens: bless you and thank you, Amanda Martínez. My story is something I am working on. Right now I am fighting ABUSIVE, bullying apt managers. Santa Monica City offers NOTHING but lip service to over 100 past and present tenants under the thumbs of the BULLY…See More

Ross and Donna Gentry: Abusive, Bullying, Racist Apt Managers

Jenny Lens: Let’s keep this ALIVE and VIRAL. Not one of those topics we quickly brush away. Erika Burch got her wish: this deplorable situation is now VIRAL!

Viral Photos Of Child Dragged By Hair Through Walmart Lead To CPS…

Ann Magnuson: Sending you love Jenny Lens!

Jenny Lens Oh Ann Magnuson: your comment means SO much to me. Bless you and John <3

Ann Magnuson Jenny it’s a nasty world out there! I am so sorry you went through what you did.

Jenny Lens: Ann Magnuson: you are so kind, with your busy life and so many friends. I am truly honored. By everyone who cares enough to comment or write me.

But as someone who has always admired your talents, energy, and just how you live your life, I am so grateful for your kind words and friendship.

Lucy Modrak: I ache for all the little children who suffer under the hands of those who should be protecting them and loving them. It also aches for all the animals who do not understand their abuse. What a sad old world this can be.

Anita French: Jenny, I’m welling up, too. Not just because of your horrible memory and resulting sorrow through the years (I’m so sorry for you, sweetheart), but for mine, as well. I’ve been pulled by my hair on several occasions by someone who should have been a source of support and love. For all the little kids, the little girls, who have been dragged by a loved one, a man, a daddy or other, by their sweet little hair. :'(

Anita French here is the monster
Anita French’s photo.

Jenny Lens: Wrote this on Erika Burch’s wall:
Erika Burch <3 Thank you and bless you! Your post inspired me to share a similar incident. I was bruised. But my body healed and my mind, never. I burst into tears. At 66, I finally shared a story I’ve kept inside for about 60 years.

I am stunned and beyond saddened at how many ppl agree with the father and are attacking you. Either they never were abused or repressed it or are abusive, on some levels.

My very real, very vivid memories of an abusive event which changed and haunted me all my life. FB post.

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