Parking: Rent Control Never Answered My Plea for Help

I wrote to Rent Control. I included his emails. NO RESPONSE.

From: Jenny Lens <>
Subject: Threats, harassment and Parking spot taken by onsite manager, request rent reduction
Date: January 6, 2014 6:12:36 PM PST

Dear People,

I just received a very disturbing email from the onsite manager, Ross Gentry. He is accusatory and threatening.

I request a rent reduction for loss of parking spot. PLUS a request for WRITTEN communication with him at all times (if possible).

I literally have no parking spot. I see NO alternative, other than continuing to not be able to use my legally assigned spot and yet not having a rent reduction.

[I chose that option. The parking spot was returned in September, 2015. My roommate got a car. January 2014 to September 2015. I suffered loss of my parking spot.]

IF I’m forced to give up parking specified in my lease, I might as well exercise my right to rent reduction.

First, I’ve been sick since Christmas.

Next, I have repeatedly requested all discussions be in writing, per my former attorney. I cannot begin to tell you how much this man upsets me. You will note there is a history on file of issues regarding tenants and he and Roberts Companies since he began working here about three or so years ago. I am shaking and in tears.

Jenny Lens (orig name Julie Kreisel, which was legally changed circa 2002 or so)
2600 Virginia Ave #18
Santa Monica, CA 90404

On January 6, 2014, Ross Gentry, manager of 2600 Virginia Ave, verbally informed me:

a) He is moving my parking spot yet again.

b) Several others have not been forced to change their parking spot, which he finds immaterial.

c) He unilaterally informed my parking spot will be used by him.

d) My lease allows for ONE parking spot. I told him it is part of my rent, which he has repeatedly told me I am wrong.

e) I was not given any choice as to the location of the spot or whether or not he parks his car or any other car in my paid-for spot.

f) For over two years, Ross Gentry has repeatedly denied me the ability to allow neighbors, friends or relatives to park in my spot. It has been empty because I have no car.

g) Therefore, I request a rent reduction per the loss of my assigned parking spot.

I understand I will never have a parking spot again. I haven’t used my spot in over two years. I don’t see how I can offer it to visiting friends or relatives if his car or whomever he allows to park in the spot.

How do I request a rent reduction? 

I just received the following email which I regard as threatening and harassing. He will forward WHAT to his supervisors? That he took away my spot and informed me he would park in it? 

That when I requested he leave, he would not. We were done. He was moving the parking spot and parking in it. Simple.

As for being “selfish,” I’m a nearly 64 yr old with my own mobility issues. Which he argued … that his wife is older, she parks in the front, etc. All fell on deaf ears.

His reasons for changing the parking arrangements have nothing to do with my needs. Who is selfish?

I sincerely appreciate your help. I do not want to move. I am in tears.

Can you please help me to peacefully resolve this issue?

Thank you,

Jenny Lens

I included his emails. NO RESPONSE.

Author: anat

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