Parking Issues

Ross used MY parking spot from January 2014 until September 2015. Said neither my roommate nor I had a car. Ross would not allow anybody else to park in the spot, prior to that.

NO compensation for illegally taking away our space. I told him that I was paying for that spot. He called me a liar. Said that wasn’t true.

NOT true my rent includes a parking spot? Constantly quotes my lease. I see it includes a parking spot. AM I still the liar?

I could not report it to Rent Control. I’d have to give up my spot. I would never do that. But why was I paying for something I could NOT use?

Alison MacKenzie, #6, received a letter from Ross. It stated that because she was a “single woman,” her allotment of two parking spaces is reduced to one spot. Ali contact Rent Control. Awarded rent reduction of $75/month. Meyte #4, lost a spot, but didn’t go to Rent Control. There were others.

Because Ali is a SINGLE WOMAN, she loses one of her two parking spaces. We both shook our heads reading that letter.

I wrote this March 2013:
These are a few of the issues some other residents shared with me. Plus a few of my dealings with Ross over Parking. He has this THING about the carports!

Some are told to park their cars head in, when they prefer backing in.

Another email details someone parking in my former parking space. Again Ross emailed and chastised me not calling him, only putting a note in the box. I explained in my email response to his written assault that I did something wrong: happened at 11 PM.

I never know if people sleep with their phones on. I am VERY conservative about sending emails or calling at night

Ross goes to bed earlier than 11 PM. Wad not warranted bothering him late at night; NO emergency. He is ALWAYS telling me NOT to contact him if not an emergency. I’ve come across this topic many times compiling this document.

WHAT would you do? IF I call him, he yells for bothering him for non-emergency. I am not going to turn on my computer JUST to email him (I don’t use phone for email!).

I LEFT A NOTE. At least I carry paper and pen with me. THAT IS TOTAL HARASSMENT!

MY LIFE DOES NOT revolve around HIS carport obsession.

I had just come home from a busy event. I had a lot of things on my mind.

Maria #9 told me incident about the tenants in #19, which are above her and to my side. They often park three cars in a two-car spark parking spot. One car extends into the driving area.

But if Maria double parks for 10 minutes merely to load her car, Ross makes all kinds of threats to her. Prior to Ross being the manager if we wanted a neighbor or a friend to park in our parking spot, it was perfectly fine as long with the tenant’s permission.

Before my roommate got her car, when someone dropped me off or picked me up or come visit for half an hour, I had to put a note on their windshield that they had my permission to park there.

Otherwise I got nasty emails about it.

But I was not allowed to let any of the neighbors park in my spot. Maria to load/unload. She takes clothing and other items to Mexico. She is harassed for loading her big car. To do good.

But we saw/see many strange cars and parking configurations.

In fact, the van which took my parking spot, forcing my spot to be moved (again!) leaked oil for some time. June 26, 2015.

NOTE his attempted unilaterally revised lease. Or our existing leases. About oil in the carport. About cars being maintained.

#12: “Leaking fluids from any resident’s vehicle will not be allowed.” This is DRIED. How long was this “not allowed”?

Same people with big aloe plant BLOCKING common area, walkway, #11. Since early 2015. But I can’t sit outside for 10 minutes.

He FAVORS them. Tells me I’m selfish when it comes to them. I don’t leave a mess in the carport, the walkway (I clean it!) nor do I block it!

Selfish NOT. WHO is Ross to cast judgment on ME?

THEY took over the laundry room for months. I only wash 2 (in winter, 3), small loads of wash twice a month. No matter what day I switched to, THEY were using the laundry room.

I finally wrote Ross. I noted so many HUGE plastic bags of wash. Are they running a commercial laundry? Shortly thereafter, those bags were not a problem.

They are NOT friendly to me. They took over the laundry room and my parking spot. And I’m selfish? NOT for Ross to JUDGE me.









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