I CANNOT create art with Ross Gentry watching over me and making false, stressful negative assumptions and statements. Instead, I can barely function thanks to the stress he and his wife have caused residents, especially me.

I cry my photos are so beautiful. YOU don’t have to like them. But many people want to see more of my photos. I could have posted this to grateful friends and fans. Instead, I’m fighting for code compliance and being able to exercise my rights. Including First Amendment. We’ve been long told NOT to talk to each other. Oh really?

THIS IS WHY I ‘SNOOP’ at NON-HUMAN OBJECTS. What WE see vs what the camera shows us is waaay different than what the COMPUTER shows us. Magic.

I shoot a lot, often, in varying light. To LEARN, to CREATE BEAUTIFUL art.

Requires COMPLETE concentration, focus, analysis. I have to BALANCE the composition with EXPOSURE. There’s THREE settings which have to MATCH up. Tons of variations in-between.

I CREATE ART. Internationally published and exhibited photographer and artist.

I share my art with others online. FREELY! I bring JOY and BEAUTY to THOUSANDS with my PHOTOS, ART and WORDS.

Please help! Keep this private until at least I am left alone!

Perhaps a bigger case can be made and presented to legal authorities, the printed press and powerful online media. I have plenty of evidence. Only if people want it.

Incredible stress fighting this outrageous statements and behavior towards me.

Enjoy my photos. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Have fun!

Help fight the good fight! So I CAN make art, teach, write and all that good stuff. Helping others, ya know. Thank you!