Noise Discrimination

Compare this and other issues of NOISE to his INSISTENCE my roommate and I CHANGE our testimony regarding Noise #8. Neither of us heard it. Yet he said he’d report it that we heard it. He’s got this thing about noise.

IF he hears it, it exists and must be stopped. If he doesn’t hear it, doesn’t exist.

All that bit about telling him? He does nothing. Ask the tenants.

Subject: RE: #19 continual yelling and loud noise
Date: October 24, 2014 4:49:58 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens


Whatever you’re comfortable with; but frankly, I don’t have the time to read/respond to the numerous emails I receive, so a voice mail or text heads up is appreciated.

[Really: he doesn’t have time? Isn’t it his job to respond to our emails, text, notes or oral discussions? It’s only a 24 unit building. What else is he doing? The building doesn’t appear to have those many issues. What could keep him so busy?]

[I DO NOT leave voice mails: no paper trail, too easy to be misunderstood. I DO NOT do text messages. I DO NOT USE my phone. I’ve told Ross that repeatedly. Any idea HOW hard to retrieve text msgs from phones? Plus I HATE typing on a phone. Hallie, #12, told me she is charged for text msgs. She’s repeatedly told Ross not text her. We have the choice how to communicate. HE cannot force that on us. EMAIL. Far more legal than voice mails.]

And there’s no need to preach to me…regardless of how much you think you know, I’m fully aware of the terms and conditions of the leases at this property & the law. You may be fully familiar with your lease; however, there are several different lease forms in effect here.

No problem letting me know, but for your own safety, please don’t interact with other tenants when they are causing problems; it’s my responsibility to handle these issues.

[I would GLADLY let Ross deal. Ask tenants how often he’s supported us with noisy neighbors AFTER hours. I’m preaching to him. That’s HIS specialty! Ask the tenants.]

The duration of your phone usage has absolutely no direct connect to the duration to the noise caused by other residents. [Huh?]

Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company


I ran down to Meyte, #4, next to Ross, always open door too. She and  her daughter Claudia Velasquez. NEVER heard me. Ross swore at them in the video. He may have illegally evicted them with his constant ranting, yelling and disturbing their peace.

I walked over to Judy Smith, #21, to the right of me. Same thing. Never heard a thing from me.

Tell me about these residents, please.  He complained Once on phone, twice about hearing me in my living room. THREE times in the Five years he’s been here. In the afternoon. NOT after midnight, as I’ve heard neighbors since I moved in.

From: Jenny Lens []
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 4:34 PM
Subject: Re: #19 continual yelling and loud noise


I don’t use my phone. That’s why I email.

Yes, I head the noise today inside my apt and coming back from laundry. I wrote you at the time they were noisy.

Noise is covered by our leases.

You told me I was annoying for talking on my phone in my apt for a 20 minute conversation, which was two sided and not all in front of my open door. I walked throughout my apt, in front of my door for a few minutes. It was HOT that day. I took a rare break from back room computer to be near an open window. AND I moved away from the window. They keep at it from one day to the next.

I can pass it along when ppl are noisy for HOURS. The lease DOES cover noise like that which disturbs other residents.

I use my phone once a month for a few minutes. My phone bills verify that. They are noisy for HOURS. Big difference.

Thank you,

On Oct 24, 2014, at 4:05 PM, RHB BLDG6  wrote:

Thanks Jenny,

I understand your frustration; it’s an ongoing issue with all of the foreign students…some worse than others.

However, it’s not really your responsibility to deal with other tenants about noise.

Leave me a voice mail (office phone 310-449-1100) & I’ll deal with it.

[NO VOICE MAILS. I use Emails: paper trail. LEGAL. Really? How many emails and times did I talk to him about LATE night noise. Not just I, but Maria #9 and others. Ross doesn’t hear #19 so it noise doesn’t exist there. TO THIS DAY.]

Did you hear noise this afternoon on your way back from laundry room?

We can’t constrain their (or anyone’s) use of their unit unless the activity is illegal or prohibited under the lease.

[REALLY? Then why does Ross continually HARASS me about hearing my voice. Once on phone and once in my living room. TWICE in the Five years he’s been here. But he can’t do anything? Just HARASS me.]

I send a ‘WARNING” email to the key tenant.

[What does a ‘WARNING’ do? They never stopped being noisy. EVERY night. Walking up and down the stairs at all times. Disturbing Judy Smith #21 and Maria #9 downstairs.]

Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company

From: Jenny Lens
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 2:09 PM
Subject: #19 continual yelling and loud noise

Residents in #19 playing computer games for HOURS while whooping, hollering and generally very loud.

First heard Tuesday, Oct 21: about 4 til 7:15, when I walked over and asked them to be quiet. I was in kitchen that whole time, listening to their yells.

THREE HOURS. I told them I didn’t want to come back over again. I said they have neighbors.

Today they closed the door and blinds. But I can hear in my bedroom and kitchen.

I heard outside of #9 downstairs when I came back from laundry.

Can be heard in courtyard.

Is their apt an arcade hall?

Thank you,
jenny 🙁

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