Manager Mocks Ability to Photograph Clouds and Sunset

READ ALL this condescending, demanding, dismissive, harassing and threatening email thread. I love taking photos outdoors. Which I have been prevented from doing. My fresh air, exercise and art outlawed because of manager’s harassment. I am an artist denied my rights.

 “Jenny, You’d have some difficulty watching the sun set while standing in front of units #18, #19 & #20 unless you can see through the building.”

READ and SEE MORE photos EXACTLY where I said I stand, study, photograph or meditate when looking up at the skies:

Photos Clouds Sunset Around Units Cited in Email 


I CAN See Thru Buildings! PROOF I SEE Sunset WHERE I Said I DO!


Sunset Seen Thru Buildings! Spectacular After Rainbow

I wrote I watch clouds AND watch the sun set between 18, 19, 20 AND 15, 16, 17. I was keeping it brief. So literal, so picky, so unreasonable.

Read these four (4) pages of emails … look HOW I am turned into the villain. Except I have photos, other neighbor’s emails refuting manager’s baseless claims and the laws to prove harassment and threats.

All because I wanted to look at clouds and determine the source of probable defective smoke detector, in violation of SMMC 8.44.100.

(And because I always speak truth to power, quote code, while he ignores legitimate maintenance requests and turns me into the harasser. Talk to the tenants. See for yourself.)

[See Cloud and Sunset photos. I stood OUTSIDE 18, 19 and 20 AND outside 17, as I stated. You can see the tops of the units.]



[THIS was taken standing outside #17 on my left, #15 on my right. Seeing through buildings? I look UP! I consider this harassment and tantamount to calling me a liar.]

MORE HARASSING emails and photos, next page.





[Photos standing outside 18, 19 and 20. Just as I said.]

View a few of many dozens of Cloud and Sunset photos, taken exactly where I said I stand. Enjoy cos they are pretty!

I look UP. IF  someone is looking through their window, it might appear I am looking into their unit. No, I am looking UP. Sometimes I get my camera. Most often, I just look and study.

I watch the clouds move and change colors. So there’s a law against that? Read more … gets better (or worse).

On Sep 30, 2015 2:06 PM, Jenny Lens wrote:

Dear Ross,

Snooping? I walk by ALL the units. I stand outside #17 or my unit, 18, 19, 20 and watch the sun set. I NEVER ever stand, stare or shudder, photograph outside anyone’s unit.  

I stare at plants, trees, sunsets. IF they see me, I’m looking at sunsets and clouds, as I have LONG before they ever moved into this building. I haven’t the slightest interest in what goes in inside ANY unit. I am only concerned with inanimate objects. Esp when they are designed to protect, not annoy us.

Smoke detectors are loud, high pitched and insistent. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the sound. That is why I always say I THINK it’s this unit or that.

The noise is extremely upsetting and disturbing to me. I have the right to mention it. Especially when it might violate codes re smoke detectors.

I have the LEGAL right and duty to report a possible problem with a faulty smoke detector.

Thank you,
Jenny Lens

Last emails are the best … the threatening warning about possible eviction. 

Date: October 2, 2015 10:25:08 AM PDT, Ross Gentry wrote:


 “Jenny, You’d have some difficulty watching the sun set while standing in front of units #18, #19 & #20 unless you can see through the building.”

[See Cloud and Sunset photos. Plus photos posted above. I stood OUTSIDE 18, 19 and 20 AND outside 17, as I stated. You can see the tops of the units.]

Other residents have also complained about you lurking near their units front doors and windows and engaging them in conversations they’re not interest in pursuing.

[WHICH residents? #15, whom I asked if Sunny were home. She told me Sunny didn’t live there. Then she slammed the door in my face.

Sunny wrote me to confirm she lives in #15.

Mergery, #17, wrote me that same woman threatened to call the police on her. She WANTED to ask Ross for help. But he always says “he’s busy.” Yeah, that woman?]

I’m required to respond to resident’s complaints no matter if they’re seemingly innocuous they may seem to you and others. And I’ll continue to vigorously enforce all the provisions of all leases at this property.

It might be instructive for you to read paragraph 12. “Compliance with Laws” of your lease (page attached) that specifically states, “Renter shall not commit any nuisance in or about the Premises, or in any way annoy any other renter…”

And please don’t think my actions constitute “harassment” as that word is so frequently tossed about by some residents at this property and throughout the city. My efforts only seek full compliance with the terms and conditions of all leases at the property. There’s no intent nor have I been instructed to utilize actions that can be construed as an effort to force a tenant to vacate their premises.

[Really, so why have so many left? I have their email addresses and incidents. And believe me, I’ve wanted to move ONLY because of the onsite managers, both of them.]

So please stop this nonsense or it’ll be necessary to formally invoke and report this “causing a nuisance” provision contained in your lease; although this email constitutes an initial warning of this specific violation of your lease.

Finally, I was in unit #15 yesterday afternoon with one of our maintenance supervisors; neither of us heard the smoke detector chirping.

Ross Gentry

Jenny Lens to reader: I wrote I THINK #15. Alison MacKenzie verified she reported it. Just like last time, was told it’s not important. One needs to stand for a few minutes. Give it time, and it will chirp more often. It’s still chirping. Somewhere. But you can’t dash in and out.

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