Maintenance ROSS WRONG; PHOTOS Prove + Harassing Bullying Emails

April 29, 2015: I saw uneven patch right outside my door. FLOODS on areas in front of my unit. As many times as they resurface, they never get it right.

Bent down to barely touch a very uneven area. It was dry. Nothing I could do. Was getting up when the maintenance man yelled at me. I hadn’t seen him. Scared me.

Ross yelled at me and treated me like I were a child. Told me to go inside. I was shocked. And shaking. I was only trying to help.

Rained lightly July 18, 2015. WATER PUDDLES outside my door. On the walkway bridge from MY Unit to stairs?I only photographed near me. Plus other areas. More photos than posted.

HA HA. Did I call it?! What right do I have to criticize their work? FAULTY WORK.

Wait til it really rains… oops, it did! Lots of puddle photos following!

ROSS OWES ME AN APOLOGY!! Tells ME my behavior “unacceptable.” Gaslighting again.

I was told by an employee of the Roberts Co/RHB, who works with Vince, in charge of maintenance: NO rule prohibiting tenants from talking to maintenance personnel. She was horrified and puzzled. Didn’t believe me til I showed her the text from Ross Gentry.. She told me to contact Vince. She said people contact his office and onsite personnel all the time.


Walkway-Flooding-July-18-2015-4The muddy areas are where I walked or dirt pooled. Light rain.
Gonna be interesting soon, when the rains really hit!

Subject: Deck Repair Work
Date: April 30, 2015 9:06:44 AM PDT


Please don’t engage or interfere with our contractors or their workmen. They aren’t required to respond to u or take direction from u orany other resident.

And it’s inappropriate question or criticize their work openly & loudly as u did yesterday, particularly repairs to the common area outside ur unit which really isn’t any of ur business.

[HE doesn’t have to walk in water puddles outside his unit. IS my business. I’ve dealt with UNEVEN pools of wet walkway outside my unit since 1997, when I moved in. I can’t say: it’s lumpy? No right to say anything? I have to live with pools of water outside my door?]

I heard ur loud escalating rant and observed u abruptly turn around, enter ur unit & slam the door very hard & loudly that caused me to speak with these men.

Ur interference & peevish behavior is unacceptable.

Although u may call or email me if u have an issue with any such work, my response may not be what u expect.


Slam my door? NO! I never never slam my door. IF I were to do that, I KNOW Ross would CHEW me out.

ROSS GENTRY IS FLAT OUT LYING. This is NOT how it went down.

Ranting? The workman yelled at me. I didn’t even see him there. I said “I was trying to level it. Sorry, sorry, really, sorry.” No rant. Why would I waste my time and energy ranting? I didn’t even want to TALK to them. Just apologize and flee inside. Which I did.

I saw Ross come out and yell at me. I fled inside. Who was ranting? Pot calling kettle black. But I’m no kettle.

Peevish’? I didn’t want water pooling directly outside my door. Unacceptable? Yes, water outside my door is unacceptable. I saw it was lumpy and bumpy. I wasn’t gonna mess with it. I just wanted to know wassup before or IF I mentioned to Ross.][What I expect? What is that, Ross?

MORE Photos and incidents, read on …

I merely reached over to see if it were still wet. First photo it’s dry. But taken with a telephoto lens, 1:20 PM. I took photos AFTER they left. I didn’t DARE open my door and stand there with my camera! Dryer than it looked with human eye earlier.

IF wet, maybe I could help. Push it down. I didn’t know TWO big men would YELL and VERBALLY ASSAULT ME! 

Chased me back inside. I was shaking. Still am, having to relive all this. ALL the abuse, in all I’ve compiled.


I’ve become MUCH more PARANOID since then. I look ALL the time. As if I’m an escaped con. Really?! 
Geez, really, this is stressful. Damaging to my body, mind and worse, my ART. THOUSANDS of People are GENUINELY concerned about my art and I. Yes, I do have thousands of personal and professional friends and REAL fans of my work and my person.



Standing on my door frame. Deck is still not level or shaped to DRAIN water.

IF you read ALL of this, you’d ‘GET’ it. Breaks my heart to read, hear and see this. The Gentrys have clamped down on basic freedoms. Expressions. Not made the building any safer!


Brief, light summer rain. Wait til El Nino or any rain really hits us! Thank you Ross and your workmen. Nice job! NOT.

NEXT: DARK building for weeks, if not months. Often!

Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 1:58 PM
Subject: 5 more lights out


Last night, I was outside trying to see the Full Moon. I noticed 5 more lights out:

5, 8, 11, 23 and carport door by Maria’s, 9.

Carport light has been out for a long time. You just replaced lights, Monday, June 22. That light needed replacement earlier in June.

I didn’t send you this email last night. I don’t know if it beeps on yr phone. I didn’t want to disturb you at night. [I AM CONSIDERATE of OTHERS. Even You, Ross.]

Thank you,
Jenny #18

From: RHB BLDG6 <>
Subject: RE: 5 more lights out
Date: July 2, 2015 8:14:33 PM PDT


It’s not necessary for you to tell me lights are out. I don’t need to take direction or instruction from you or any other resident about routine issues.

[“Routine” when it’s dark and we’re out late at night. LIGHTS = Safety. It’s NOT his right to decide it’s ok for us to be in the dark. The building rarely has fully functioning light bulbs.]

I and/or Donna typically walk the property several times each week, including after dark. So I already know which lights are out. And I’ll replace them when I recover a bit more from my back surgery on Monday.

[NOT our concern he had back surgery. He doesn’t care ABOUT us. He’s told us that many times. Hire someone to replace the bulbs.]

Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company

Miscellaneous, varied, strange Maintenance issues. We have to clean our upstairs walkways, catch mice, but not shake a rug now and then.

March 2013: During the three years Mr Gentry has been resident manager, ONCE the upstairs landing was cleaned. Recently by professionals. The former resident manager cleaned it once or twice monthly. [Update: it was washed down 2015, I think. I don’t track all this! I have a life!]

I CLEAN OUTSIDE all the time! I sweep, I fill a small bucket, with brush and sponge, and clean. I also dry whatever standing water I can. I actually keep a broom right near the front door. HOW many people DO that? I’m always cleaning it.

One time, workmen started doing something on walkway upstairs. They didn’t finish it. It was dirty. I asked if they were coming back. It was dirty. Ross Gentry told me he wouldn’t do it. He’s “not a janitor.

Donna Gentry told me “not my job to sweep outside my apartment.

I replied, “No one else cleans it.”

I clean a long walkway. That’s how THEY play it.

Mr. Gentry claims the city ordinance against wasting water.* According to the former onsite manager, that’s not an issue for upstairs. We don’t get run-off from the lawn sprinklers. Plus there’s this thing called brooms.

* Ross has no problem allowing a hose being used on concrete. Look at photos, 1 pm, Sept 10, 2015. Is that in accordance to the Water conservation ordinance? 

March 2013: A tenant reported mice in her kitchen last week. Ross Gentry told her to set mousetraps. She said it was the responsibility of the owner/management to deal with pests and vermin. She received a call today, Monday, March 11 someone coming tomorrow.

She says it’s coming from next door. Ross has not informed that tenant. Why?

I saw a mouse. I don’t like dealing with Ross. Gentry. I applied a bit roach spray, then nailed cardboard under kitchen cabinets because the builders left large gaps. Yes, mice can EASILY get into my kitchen or bedrooms. There’s gaps here and there.

I haven’t seen the mouse since. I live near Judy Smith. Perhaps there’s more mice in more units?

[I mentioned Judy. I cannot say she is the one who told me. I wrote this as part of a letter to an attorney. I was trying not to name names.]

March 2013: Mr. Gentry expects us to keep clean units, but we are not allowed to shake a rug outside? People have been doing that for generations. I don’t recall seeing items draped outside. Only a few of us sometimes shake a rug. Part of house cleaning.

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