Maintenance Procedures Inconsistent

PLEASE READ this. Ross has been inconsistent how we deal with maintenance issues or communicate with him. Confusing, inconsistent with yelling and scolding. Think people are willing to report issues, unless really bad? I know for a fact people shut down due to the following.

I have been a renter for 40 years. I’ve never encountered such hostility by merely reporting a maintenance issue.

Ross was very aggressive in his email about my [most renters] coming to his doorHe become enraged, furious, yelling, criticizing and condemning.

Ross and I went round and around about best [any?] way to communicate with him.

Ross initially required that we fill a maintenance report. But obtaining the blank form is very difficult. Ross told me that he will determine whether or not something needs to be repaired. Fine.

But how do I report it to him? I had to ask many many times for a maintenance form. He will not give me any extra blank forms. Is this professional behavior?

KEEP READING! It gets worse!

He left letters at our doors to use the white box by his door. I thought to communicate with him. I put a note in his box. Ignored for three days. I knocked on his door. He yelled at me.

He told me to write an email. I said “Fine, what is the address?”He went on and on about his phone, his laptop in the back, the computer in the front. I have NO idea what he was saying. Other than he could not get email.

He gave me a series of email addresses.

ALL email addresses bounced back. ALL were incorrect. ROSS DID NOT KNOW HIS EMAIL address. Worse were his excuses why.

How difficult to get email? On a phone? Laptop? Desktop?

I don’t know how he could do his job without email. Or not allowing us to use the box or knock on the door or ANY method til his email sorted.

I am VERY techie. I’ve taught computer classes at SMC and UCLA. I created this site, using over eight (8) different software programs. Some very complex. His explanation baffled me.

I have no idea why he couldn’t get email.

Prior to July 2014.

The main point is that whatever I do it is wrong. He always tells how I should communicate with him AFTER the fact. But he does it in a manner that is overtly hostile and intimidating. Plus not consistent. I’m not a mind-reader. At least I communicated with him there was an issue.

KEEP READING! It gets worse! FALSE accusations! Yelling! 

Phone vs email: I called about a repair issue. He accosted me outside. Read me the riot act. Accused me of calling his cell phone and not his work phone.

I said “I don’t remember the whole number but I think it had something with 1100.” [Which IS his office number.]

He said “It went to his other phone.”

I said “I can get my phone upstairs. You can see with redial what I dialed. I used number from your most recent email.”

He reiterated it went to the wrong phone.

I said, “Maybe you have a call forwarding? I called the 1100. I can get my phone.”

Ross: “NO, don’t get your phone — you just called the wrong number.”

I called the correct number.

REALLY, all this because of a phone number? Which I dialed correctly. No wonder it’s SO unpleasant to report ANY maintenance issue.

Email: use it, but don’t give me correct email address.
Phone: use it, but get yelled at if it rings incorrectly.
Box outside: don’t use it. Except to pay rent. I didn’t know that. Til he yelled at me.

Prior to July 2014.

Author: anat

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