Les Miz Redux or Nuisance Lawsuit?

Puzzled by the case of #16. Ross filed something against them. Whatever their motivations, were they over reaching? Invaded their privacy by talking? By looking into someone’s record and deciding he needs to go? I don’t know, I’m not an attorney. It was a private matter. 

Donna Gentry told Alison MacKenzie #6 who told me. 

I was greatly bothered when Ali told me. I thought: They don’t want US to talk, but they talk ABOUT us to each other? What are they saying about me? Ali? It’s creepy.

Puzzled by what Raul Sr told me: he and his attorney appeared in court three (3) times. Neither Ross nor his attorney appeared.

What? All this stress, finding an attorney, preparing and paying for a defense, and Ross Gentry never shows up?

Puzzled. Why didn’t Ross and his attorney show up at a case he initiated?

Raul Sr, Raul Jr, and Oscar Sanchez’s family have lived in #16 for over 20 years (I believe). Ali lives below.

Ali relayed a story one evening. Ali often runs into Donna Gentry in the laundry room.

Donna told Ali “You know there’s a lot of crime in this community. It would so good if we could get rid of people living in our neighborhood to cut down on crime.

Ali and I were talking because, through the grapevine, I heard from several sources Ross initiated a complain, lawsuit, whatever, again, I’m not an attorney. We didn’t know legal grounds. What happened in #16?

Some tenants try to help each other. People are afraid to talk. They don’t know where to ask for help. They don’t know they have rights, but those involve difficult procedures for many.

I often heard Ross yelling at little Zach (Raul Sr’s grandson), his little friends and other encounters.

Now Ross and Donna maintained that Raul Junior is “threatening.”

That apparently was the basis of the lawsuit. I’ve seen these kids grow up since they were very little. I see a great deal, being upstairs. My mother loved looking out the kitchen window. I love looking at light, colors, shapes in the courtyard. So I see people coming and going, and doing things.

Is it my business to KNOW all this?

Especially when Ross Gentry accuses ME of “snooping” and “harassment.” IS that SICK JOKE? Me the harasser. Read the emails, txt msgs and watch the vid. 

Add Donna Gentry’s stance on eliminating criminals where they live, and then the seemingly abandoned claim against Raul Jr. Seems life a perfect way to finally get rid of those obstinate “boys” who refuse to put a muzzle on a kid. And other things.

But he didn’t show up? That’s what Raul Sr told me. So puzzled.

LISTEN to Ross telling Raul Sr and Oscar “to shut the fuck up, boy” in the video or read the transcript. Ohhh ..

Reminds me of Les Miserables. I read the book when I was 14. That was a while ago. If you don’t know the plot, where have you been? Disney Animation, Broadway and movie musical (maybe even Frederich March/Charles Laughton 1930’s movie).

You know: Javert, the police inspector who continues to hunt and hound Jean Valjean. Valjean paid his debt to society. 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. For his starving, sick sister. Then when he steals the silver, and the Priest covers for him, Valjean resolves to live a more useful life.

Javert hounding Valjean. Despite Valjean paid his time. Or IF Ross felt they had a case, show up in court.

Although no one would ever confuse Raul, Jr with Jean Valjean. I’m not giving a free pass to Raul, Jr. Not taking sides here. It’s about the Legal Process. That’s all.

Is it professional, socially acceptable and legal behavior,  for people to dig into someone’s history, and create a lawsuit based upon what they think will happen?

#16 are private people.  Raul Sr told me he works at UCLA. He hired a law professor. Raul Sr said his attorney was going to file for a judgment and also to recover monies lost. (Ok, not in those words, but I knew what he meant.)

I don’t know the status. I respect their wishes for privacy. I also do NOT want this made public. ONLY page to keep private. I honor and respect THEIR privacy. MORE than some others.

This is why I filed a complaint: I don’t understand what is going on. I don’t want to fight this in court. Then he doesn’t appear. Or worse, he does. Scary. Scarier than clowns.

How do you recover all the time, all the months, all the lost work, all the worry in terms of money? You don’t.

First they pried into his background. I guess they knew that Raul Junior was away for something he did. They made a big deal out of it because it suit their purposes. I’d already heard that Ross was telling people Raul Jr threatened him. Or they overheard Ross saying it. People knew.

The Gentrys took his private history and used it to suit their ideas about Raul Jr. AND they wanted to evict the family for a long time. That noisy little boy.

The next action, which I think is equally if not worse as the lawsuit, Donna Gentry told Ali about their quest. Alison and I probably would not know about the situation if Donna Gentry didn’t share what we consider private information.

I certainly do not want my onsite manager talking about my private business. Which is why I was very upset with Ross when he discussed the rent raise in front to my roommate.

Donna and Ross Gentry appear to be oblivious of what we consider civil privacy. They don’t make us feel safer. Many of us are wondering who or what is next.

What chirping will be ignored? What threats will bombard someone?

This is why I am taking MY case very seriously. I know a bit of what Ross did to #16. I have an idea what he did to #19, the Russians. I’ve heard more stories.

Maria #9 told me about a young Asian woman in 15 (or 14 but I think 15). Her roommates moved out. Ross told her the unit needed to be painted. Ross allegedly told her to move her possessions into storage. She was VERY upset. She didn’t know to call Rent Control or Legal Aid. She didn’t know what to do.

She never moved back in. She did not know when she moved out per Ross, she was vacating her apartment.

I spent over a month putting this together. Plus hundreds if not thousands of hours collecting and analyzing this information.

I do not want to fight Ross and Donna Gentry in court. I lost a lot of money, time and energy preparing this.

What next?

Author: anat

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