Leaf Blower Ban: Repeatedly Violated Ordinance


WASSUP with THIS? I reported it a couple of times … and nothing changes.

Ross email: “My efforts only seek full compliance with the terms and conditions of all leases at the property.”

While allowing leaf blowers to operate for five years? How is that compliant?

(2)   No owner of real property, tenant in possession of real property, or person in control of real property shall allow the operation of a motorized leafblower on the property. For more details: S.M.M.C. 4.08.270.

I started talking photos of a man operating a leaf blower IN FRONT of the manager’s apartment since 2010! I’ve REPEATEDLY sent photos to SM City dept to deal with leaf blowers.

I was stunned to hear and see a leaf blower right under my unit, October 8, 2015. Due to being endangered IF I take photos, I could only record the loud noise. DOES Santa Monica City take their own ordinances seriously? Does the resident manager?

(He’s always telling us how to behave per code and our leases. We’re all equal, except some are more equal than others?)

“No person shall operate any leaf blower (gas, electric, or battery powered) within the City. A leaf blower is defined as any motorized tool (gas, electric, or battery powered) used to propel fallen leaves and debris for removal. Infractions will be punishable by substantial fines to property owners, property and landscape management companies, individual operators, and/or water customers.” ~ Landscape Leaf Blower Ban, Office of Sustainability and the Environment.


Author: anat

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