Illegal Eviction Demand Txt Msgs

Swearing, yelling, text msgs: is THIS how evictions are done in Santa Monica? Claudia Velasquez, formerly #4, emailed me the audio when her mother was being HARASSED into moving. Which they did a couple of months or so later.

Video + Transcript Ross Gentry Swearing at Tenants June 2015

He told Meyte to get a new roommate and charge more, like Marcy Beilma #24. In what world is that legal? Read his version of a new lease he tried to unilaterally and quite ILLEGALLY impose upon us. Constantly talks about legalities. Yet constantly crosses the line when it comes to OUR rights.

PRIVACY ISSUES, again. NOT his business to unilaterally tell tenants how much to charge for rent. HOW many emails have I compiled wherein he repeatedly tells me something is NOT my business? When it has to do with MY apartment or common areas. Plus he talked about the rent raise in front of my roommate. SO not professional!

HE decides to interfere in private business. Won’t permit us any involvement in situations involving US.

From: Claudia Velasquez
Subject: APT 4: Ross Text Complaints
Date: June 24, 2015 9:48:49 PM PDT
To: jennylens

Hi, Jenny!

It’s Claudia from apt 4. I’ve just received your e-mails. I’ve been out of town and haven’t been able to get back at you until now.

Let me tell you though..

Coming back meant getting bombarded by text messages from Ross once again (and like ALWAYS) complaining about the black screen door being slammed repeatedly.

Which by the way, is out of our control because HE was the one who put an order to get it fixed and that’s how they left it for us.. So, who’s issue is it really? Funny enough, that isn’t even the real issue that left me with my mouth wide open.

[AFTER they left, the Roberts Companies/RHB sent someone out to finally FIX the screen door. I saw it.]

After skimming through is ranting, this man actually had the audacity to tell my mother to tell Josh, our roommate of 7+ years to leave.. LEAVE. Who in the hell does he think he is to come and tell us who we can and cannot have in our unit?

Josh always pays on time, we turn our rent in on time, that should suffice.

How could he come and tell my mother to tell Josh to leave because OF A SCREEN DOOR? I literally just can’t believe he’d have the nerve to say that.

In the images attached there is also a complaint of him with the TV being too high, as well as another incident that happened with a cloth my mother had hanging above her door for religious reasons.

Ross sent a lengthy text message telling her to take it down and in order to prevent any issues, she followed through and did so. I’m still a bit irritated that she would because it wasn’t even visible and it didn’t bother anyone.

Plus, it was for religious reasons. She shouldn’t feel obligated to because a man said so. As far as I know, there’s laws that back her up too.

[I saw the cloth. Only because I’m upstairs. My view from my door and kitchen window is of Ross #3 and Mayte, Claudia, Josh #4 front doors. The cloth certainly didn’t bother any of us! I bet most never even noticed it.

It was INSIDE their door frame. You could walk in and out and not touch nor see it.]

It’s things like this that make us want to just be gone already if he doesn’t go.

[So they left. Good people forced out. ]

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