Illegal Entry + Accused Muslims of Gambling: Shamed Them

Ross illegally burst into #14 upstairs apartment. (Not first time, per info below. Plus Illegal Entries incidents in numerous other units.)

Arin told me Omar and his pals were HORRIFIED when Ross burst into the apartment.

Accused observant Arab Muslims of running a casino card room! That shamed and embarrassed Omar. It’s against he and his pals’ religion to gamble.

If that’s not harassment, what is?

He is going to call the Police? When no one else heard it? Playing monopoly, then poker for no money. WAY back in the dining area. AT 6 PM!

Casino Accusation #14

We are required to IMMEDIATELY let him know who is in our parking spot or will be towed. He has this thing about WHO parks in which spot. At all times. We don’t get THAT upset if car in our spot. We deal then. Doesn’t happen often.

ANY idea how many times we reported Noise (and other mentions in this document)? AFTER Midnight. Til 3 am. EVERY night. For hours. ROSS did nothing. Ross doesn’t see or hear it, it doesn’t exist.

Hallie #12 (Helen), two doors away, didn’t hear a thing. She told me Ross sent her a nasty txt msg. He thought SHE was making the noise. She’s a quiet senior citizen.

Hallie told Ross NOT to text because it costs her money. He still texts. She deleted the message prior to our discussion. SHE knows what is going on. She hears and sees far more than I. Been here forever too.

Note: Arin and roommate(s) moved in WITHOUT SIGNING THE LEASE. Broken fridge and shower head. Yes, the illegal abandoned refrigerator.

Below, he mentions lease says 2 people but should have been 3.

WHAT? They are using incorrect leases? Mentioned many times this doc and more emails not compiled, Ross’s favorite word is LEGAL.

Earlier history: I met Arin Kang a few days after move in, June/July 2014? Based on fridge photos, July 18, 2014. I think we met in the laundry room, not sure.

He told me they had been waiting nine days for copy of their lease.

They actually signed the lease five days AFTER they moved in. Yes, Ross gave him the keys allow them to move in five days before they signed the lease.

They have repair issues. When they tried to talk to Ross about it, he very brusquely brushed them off. Told them he was busy. They have been here for about two weeks. He is already making it difficult for them to talk to him.

The new tenants don’t want to cause any trouble, so they are living without their leases and without needed repairs.

He rents approx $3,000 units like that? These txts are fascinating. The guys were quiet, shy and very nice. Yet look how Ross talks to them.

Arin always acted liked he was scared when we talked. He felt so badly. He didn’t do anything wrong! I wish him well. He’s studying computer science.

See Chinese txt msgs about another “no lease move-in.” Loses major legal protections owners need, yes?

Arin asked for roommate form September 7. September 19 asked any update. See Roommate Procedure Designed to Fail Tenants.

Read MORE txt msgs following Arin’s emails.

From: Arin Kang
Date: June 30, 2015 2:06:43 AM PDT
To: Jenny Lens

Hi Jenny,

This is based on Omar’s account, as I was in my room the whole time watching a movie.

[HOW loud could they be if Arin didn’t hear anything?]

On Friday, June 5th at about 6:30 pm Omar had some friends over to play board games and cards. I was in my room letting Omar spend time with his friends. The group was in the apartment and the front door was closed (not locked I think). And at about 7 pm, Ross comes barging into the apartment. Omar said He was screaming . Im the manager here !!! Shut Up !!! Stop !! Stop everything! Then he opened the door and saw us playing and and said stop this right now. Stop playing”.

This is the text Ross sent me (which I didn’t see until after because my phone was on silent doh!). Note the time, as this is before the 10 pm no loud noise policy. Apparently monopoly was too loud and they started playing poker (no money involved Omar and most of his friends are Muslim and it’s against their religion to gamble). This isn’t the first time he has bothered us about having guests over. All we’re before 10 pm. I’m gonna have to dig around to find my old cell phone for those texts as I got a new phone in January. I’ll find those text as well and send them to you.

Hope this helps!

-Arin Kang

From: Arin Kang
Subject: Incident with poker night
Date: July 1, 2015 1:53:47 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens

Hi Jenny,

I also forgot to clarify. Omar said they were playing poker when Ross burst into the apartment. They thought they were being too loud with monopoly so they switched to poker. None of our neighbors came to tell them they were being too loud and Ross didn’t give them a warning before bursting into the apartment.

Tell me if you need more info!


I met Arin Kang as I usually meet new move-ins: I said hello! He and his various roommates had their share of issues with Ross. Arin told me Omar and his pals were HORRIFIED when Ross burst into the apartment.

He and his roommates vacated shortly after this incident.

Author: anat

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