Illegal Entries

Why do various people, most who don’t know nor talk to each other, relay the same stories: finding Ross in their apartments? Unannounced.

I was stunned to read the Chinese Student Email Explanation July 2014. (I read what I post). Near the bottom, he wrote:

I also found my neighbors who are Chinese girls. They said the manager always come into their apartment without their permission and he scolded them.

Alison in #6 told me she was asleep and her phone was in the other room. She woke up to find Ross and repair maintenance personnel in her bathroom. She asked them is there a fire? Because Ali knows the law requires 24-hour written notice unless there’s an emergency like a fire.

Ross said he was surprised that she was home he thought that she would be at work. Alison’s schedule changes every day how could he know her schedule better than she? Did he ask for her schedule? Who is he to assume that she would not be home?

Author: anat

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