I Study Light Color Shape by Looking!

White flowers, 7:42 PM, July 10, 2012. Probably went out for fresh air, saw the flowers, photographed in early evening. Or I watched the light from a small corner in my window. Returned earlier next day. Sounds about right.

I’m such a snoop when it comes to flowers and LIGHT.



I stare at things you see here: flowers, leaves, trees, spiderwebs, plus shadows, neighborhood night photos with and without a flash (Christmas has been fun around the corner) and soon time for more Halloween images! Then Christmas! People also let me photograph inside their stores, restaurants, homes.

NO ONE complains but Ross Gentry.

What’s the big deal photographing WHERE I LIVE?

I’m a photographer LEARNING. I SHARE tips and these lovely images. WHY does Ross Gentry harass me?

Same white flowers, 3:05 PM, July 11, 2012:


Do you notice that flowers taken later are whiter than those during the day, which are more golden? Why? The light? Custom settings in the my camera and/or lens? Or software?

You don’t give a s**t. No problemo. BUT this ARTIST cares. It’s what makes MY art so BELOVED internationally all my life. (Yes, I have portfolios from college, 1960s-70s. Including news clippings about MY art.)

Only I know. Part of learning and doing. So I can teach others. Plus improve my art and craft.

I earned my BA in Art at CSUN, cum laude. Master of Fine Arts, in Design, the HIGHEST degree any studio artist can earn, scholarship, no grades, CalArts (ONE of THE most prestigious art schools).

I taught at various colleges. Santa Monica College, UCLA Extension and more. Plus at LARGE computer conferences.

Back off me! WHAT I DO HELPS many. Push me, and my Squad, including attorneys and others — many powerful online and in the media (reporters) –are gonna have MY back. ONLY if I say so.

Flowers come and go here, as they do elsewhere. That’s another reason to shoot often. The flowers, spiderwebs, rain come and go ….

I photograph often or for awhile. At times. Lemme at it!


Author: anat

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