First Amendment and Legal Advice issues

Several times I told Ross I discussed various matters with an attorney. Each time he told me, in a VERY belligerent tone, Don’t talk to an attorney! He tells me HE know more about the law. Even when he’s misquoting it. Isn’t that intimidation?

I only bring up certain issues after I’ve discussed it both with rent control and an attorney. But he always says he knows more than I do. He says in a very intimidating manner.

How would you like to be outside, minding your own business and your landlord come up to you and get you into these kinds of conversations?

The attorney that I had during this time told me to only communicate with Ross via writing. That’s really hard to do when he comes up to you and initiates conversations or accuses you  calling the wrong phone number or whatever. I want him to NEVER talk to me except ONLY about repairs. And not raise his voice.

I didn’t feel strong enough to stand up to Ross. Instead, I endured YEARS of verbal abuse and harassment. I found this amongst my notes.

Compiling all this has taken its toll on me. On so many of us ….

Author: anat

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