False Accusations I Bother Plumber, Oct 22, 2015. Huh?

Ross Gentry FALSELY accuses me of bothering the plumber. As if!

Ross Gentry FALSELY accuses me of bothering the plumber. As if!

Read how Ross made fun of me when I requested this plumbing repair. “Can” Bathtub Be Repaired: More Sarcastic Hurtful Response.

WE RARELY ever get ANY 24 hour notice for unit repairs. Ross Gentry texted plumber was coming. Hours later, no plumber. Plumbers rarely come at 5:20 PM. So I wrote Ross and got THIS nasty result.

He is BADGERING ME. I SIGNED ‘permission to enter’ on the Maintenance Request I put into his lock box per his instructions.

His assertion I would “just get in the way and bother our man” is INSANE.

I’m so busy! I spent the WHOLE time with my back to plumber. I sorted photos and clip art in my computer. I am a busy professional artist.


THEY are Building a Case to Evict or Torment Me.

BEST PART: the plumber MISUNDERSTOOD what he was to do. He left without fixing the most important part. I heard Ross tell him to fix the bath diverter. He only replaced the plug. I don’t take baths. I wanted my shower back!

NOW, I had to stop and think: do I track down Ross or do I run after this man NOW and risk the wrath of Ross Gentry? I didn’t have time to waste, so I went to the carport and found the plumber.

HOW CRAZY is it I even had to stop and think about this? In the past, I’ve run after plumbers cos it’s not the first time it happened. But to be WORRIED Ross would yell at me?

I wasn’t going to say anything to Ross about this. I didn’t want to get the man into trouble. Ross asked why the plumber came back. I said “I didn’t want to miss the plumber. Then you, Ross would have to do all that scheduling again.” Ross thought about it. Then smiled and said “Thank you.”

Doesn’t sound like I am BOTHERING ANYONE. Correct!

WHEN is he going to stop these INSANE, baseless accusations?

How dare Ross Gentry say I will “just get in the way and bother our man”?

I knew Felipe and other workmen 13 years before Ross arrived. NO issues.

I AM A FAMOUS photographer. No time to bother anyone!!

THEY are building a case to evict or torment me.

I already SIGNED permission to enter. So why is he harassing me about it?

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