Eviction Case Maybe Wonky

A story from a reliable source, but needs verification. How were long time tenants evicted? The Russians, #19. They didn’t speak English (at all or not well). We didn’t socialize. They were here long before I moved in. According to another long time resident, the bare bones:

Marina,* a Russia, and her relative were living in the unit, with rotating other roommates, guests or whomever. Marina visited her family in the old country. For some reason an issue came up. She was not notified. Papers were served. The remaining tenants were evicted.

However, Marina allegedly spoke to Ross on the phone BEFORE the eviction finalized. Apparently someone on her relative’s behalf contacted her.

Ross allegedly told her everything was okay. By the time papers reached her in Russia, the court already ruled on an eviction.

You would have to verify this with my source, a long time tenant. I was not party to it.

I saw the police escort her relative out of the apartment. He was very distraught. It was bad.

Prior to July 2014. I believe her name was Marina.

Author: anat

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