Divide and Conquer

I understand there’s a process for legal procedures. The City is looking for complaints they can readily resolve. Involving other people complicates things. I understand.

However, despite stringent anti-harassment and maintenance laws, the City department procedures sometimes make things overly complicated, obtuse, confusing, and worse. Which makes their job harder. Plus unhappy residents, often left with little recourse for justice. Bad feelings ensue.

Many of the people in this building, and some former tenants, have repeatedly told me “You can’t fight City Hall.” “Nothing will change.” Worse, “The City doesn’t have our backs;. The City doesn’t care about us.”

Not having closure to the first complaint – – the one wherein we met in the laundry room – – certainly burned a lot of people.

The residents, current and former, don’t want to go through the legal process again to be left dangling in the wind. More vulnerable than prior to filing any complaint. They have busy lives. So do I. But I cannot live under this scary, extremely stressful environment imposed by the onsite managers and owner.

Santa Monica City always wants us to report things individually. They don’t appear to compile or compare various maintenance, harassment and other issues reported to the City Attorney, Consumer Protection Unit, Rent Control, the Police or others.

We are treated as if WE are the ONLY person(s) experiencing something. In Reality: we share many experiences and issues.

I have seen and heard Ross hold Donna’s position in the City over our heads. She’s tight with the Police. Rides on the fire engine in the Fourth of July parade. How she’s best pals with the woman leading the Chamber of Commerce (Laurel, I believe, although this was awhile ago.)

Time and time again. WE are told THEY have power with the City. THEY know the laws. No point quoting code. I can provide names, contact information, and summaries of what they’ve told me if you want to pursue this.

Some tenants are very reticent to share what is going on. They feel it’s their private lives. Understandable, but people do talk. I only want to help. What goes in one apartment gives the managers the power to keep us all down.

I was told by Johanna Rodriguez, Community Liaison, of the City Attorney, Consumer Protection Unit, that I need to file complaint ONLY about me. I cannot report ONLY what happens to me for one simple reason. It upsets me. It freaks the heck out of me. Fine. I have seen and heard and been told many disturbing things.

When I hear Ross talk to people the way he does, or hear the stories of how he’s harassing them, or bits and pieces about if they contacted the city or an attorney, the status of their cases, I want to help. Cos together we CAN help.

The City, onsite managers and owner do a very good job of “divide and conquer.”

Ross targeted me for standing up to him about maintenance. Five years. I am tired of it. When he and Donna moved here, I bent over backwards to answer every question and tell them anything they wanted to know. Of course I didn’t say anything to jeopardize other neighbors. But I was very cooperative. And they turned on me.

I simply don’t have another month or two of my life to spend compiling evidence unless somebody’s going to move forward and stop this. I have been damaged. Time for my remedies. Then perhaps the others will get in line and finally speak up. But can you blame them for their reticence?

Can we please figure out a way to make this work together? I created a secret online site. All the info in this document is online.

One switch and it’s public. I’ve dealt with and am a member of the international press since 1976, I’ve been reaching out to major writers. One always gets his stories on top of front pages of HuffingtonPost.com. He’s finding this very interesting.

I’m holding off making this public. I want a happy ending to announce, not the dirty laundry. But I’m not writing the ending myself. We all are. How do you want this story to unfold?

Author: anat

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