City Attorney IGNORING My Pleas for HELP NOW!

Apt Managers THREATEN me and use THEIR Santa Monica City contacts to THREATEN ME. IS this legal? Contractor using their clout to HARASS, BULLY, THREATEN, ABUSE residents?? While defaming, gas lighting and worse?

From: RHB BLDG6 <>
Subject: Objectionable Language & Volatile Angry Outburst
Date: July 28, 2016 at 4:28:49 PM PDT
To: Jenny Lens <>

Ms. Jenny Lens (Paralegal)

The use of objectionable language is certainly discouraged & you should know better. If not outright prohibited by the rules & regulations currently in use at this property; particularly the F-bomb, specifically when it’s personally directed at me, as in “F*** You!

[So the video with Ross Gentry repeatedly yelling in the open courtyard, Fuck You many times is OK? And why did I respond as I did? Because he was ILLEGALLY trying to deliver a rent raise. Because he wouldn’t LEAVE my apartment after delivering it legally and continuing to bully, threaten and harass me. Because he berated me repeatedly. My roommate heard and will verify. I had cause! He comes over here, takes away MY parking ILLEGALLY, tries to pull a fast one by VIOLATING the law concerning serving any papers, and I’m breaking the rules?]

[WHERE in the so-called “Rules & Regulations” does this reside wherein I can’t tell him what I think? AND I never saw nor signed any such document. I signed a lease. Which does not prohibit most of the everyday behavior of any “reasonable person,” despite Ross and Donna Gentry’s insistence on these invisible, illogical rules which result in constant, ongoing threats, intimidation and punishment.]

You’ve got a lot of nerve directly cursing me in that crude manner; but I’m not surprised since you clearly have challenging issues. [So now Ross Gentry is a psychiatrist? The ONLY issues I have are with Ross and Donna Gentry violating my civil rights and not maintaining the property. HE can yell at me but now I’ve got a lot of nerve??] I’m inclined to file a personal complaint with the city attorney, or better the deputy city manager (that dept runs the city, as I’m sure you know, Ms. legal eagle) both of whom we know personally.

[On what grounds he’ll file a complaint? That he didn’t serve me properly and I used the VERY same language HE used on that vid! Sorry, Ross and Donna Gentry, you have NO grounds. THREATS and INTIMIDATION tactics do not work on me! I know more law than you’ve forgotten, to paraphrase you.]

Frankly, I don’t understand how anyone can live with you because you’re so erratic & volatile. [This is character assassination and gas lighting at its worst! My roommate will verify I’ve been very helpful to her!] As You’ll recall, I allowed your roommate to occupy your unit without getting background information on her that’s clearly required under your lease. So she’s a non-approved (by the property owner) roommate.

[Not true. She DID turn in paperwork per his request. We both have emails to prove it! Tenants turn in paperwork which the property owner never responds. After 14 days, new roommate can legally move in. Tenants not responsible for their bad record keeping. Ask Alison MacKenzie, #6 and Marcy Bielma, #24. More details Roommate Procedure Designed to Fail Tenants

And, if you’re in fact a paralegal, why aren’t you working in a law-related environment; oh, that’s probably a bad question. And not incidentally, I’ve forgotten more about real estate & business law than you’ll ever know.

[NONE of his business what kind of work I do or do not do. IF you read all I’ve written, and I have far more emails than herein, you will clearly see who is quoting and following the law and who is not. Yeah, he has forgotten more real estate and business law than I’ll EVER know. Right. I’m the one who earned an ABA Paralegal Certificate and Legal Secretaries Certificate from UCLA. Earned an A in my Paralegal studies. Right, and this is why the City ALWAYS agrees with me when I’ve contacted them. ALWAYS.]

[Ross, want to talk about the CODE violations YOU committed? Abandoned refrigerator? Leaf blowers? Water usage during the day? STEALING my parking space. Telling me it’s not part of my rent. Shall I go on?]

I don’t intend to cc my office with this email; but feel free to do so if you want to embarrass yourself further; I don’t care because it’s no skin off my teeth! And certainly won’t result in any blowback. Before proceeding, ask yourself who’ll they believe?

Ross Gentry
RHB Management Company
2600 Virginia Avenue, #03
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310-449-1100 (Office)
310-962-5733 (Mobile)

From: Jenny Lens []
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2016 10:39 PM
To: Gary Rhoades <Gary.Rhoades@SMGOV.NET>; Andrea Cavanaugh <Andrea.Cavanaugh@SMGOV.NET>
Subject: Threatened by Ross Gentry w/his CITY contacts

Hi Gary and Andrea,

I forwarded my emails to my room-mate. She overheard Ross Gentry verbally attack me.

She also pointed out that I FINALLY have, in writing, what SHE told Andrea, and what many of us, including me, HAVE HEARD:

Ross Gentry threatens and intimidates resident tenants because of his City contacts. FROM THE FIRST DAY.

He’s retaliatory.

Passing judgment on ME. I have issues? Oh read on … 

So he’s gonna file a complaint to the Deputy City Manager. I’m this close to sending ALL my files to Danielle Noble. And others. 

He’s gonna file with YOUR office. Andrea laughed when I told her Ross says he has SO much influence on you. 

DOES HE? Cos you refuse to provide ANYTHING in writing about OUR rights.

ARE the tenants, specifically, ME, going to get ANY relief from your office?

As for the nasty comments, my being a (Paralegal) and (“Ms. legal eagle”):

I compiled hundreds of pages from only a SMALL fraction of emails like this.

AND classic abusive characteristics: NO ONE WILL BELIEVE ME.

HE doesn’t know of the vid, txt msgs and more YOU now have.

AND my behavior! Ha, NO ONE agrees with him. I can gather over ONE THOUSAND people to give character refs for me. YOUR office and other city departments have heard about Ross Gentry. And the past and present tenants.

HOW DARE I talk to him like that? HE INSULTED MY integrity and MY hard-earned legal education. AND I know how to Google laws!

HE insulted me. Heck, I say “fuck you” when the ATM card doesn’t work. He’s so sensitive! HE INSULTED ME.

He can dish it out, but not take it.

NOT PROFESSIONAL. He has NO right saying this LIBELOUS crap about ME! Calling me names. How childish. I have art to make, classes to teach. He is disrupting not only me, but those who want my classes. How can I focus? He is an ABUSER!!

The bit about my room-mate and her app? SHE FILLED ONE OUT. He again is THREATENING Me. And her. She actually gets along with him. But he’s dragging her into this to hurt me. 

It’s against the law to be retaliatory. Gotcha Ross. 

Doesn’t know how anyone lives with me. I HAVE ISSUES? He should ask my room-mate. Patient, helpful, considerate, never never raised my voice. ONLY to Ross cos he threatens and harasses and LIES to me. 

WHO made him my shrink?? OH how I’d love to make this SO public. 

*** I’ve got news for the Gentrys and Roberts Co AND your office:

You all can deal with it IF I make this ALL public. Including YOUR office’s REFUSAL to provide ANY written verification OUR rights were restored to us.

YOUR office is allowing this abuse! OVER 100 people. Past and present tenants.

YOU want that? 

I do not want that.

I want to be left alone!!

Ball is in your court. Before I let the court of public opinion have their say.

I said this at November’s [2015 with City Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit personnel] meeting. PLS HELP US!!

Thank you,
Jenny Lens, MFA

On Jul 29, 2016, at 2:35 PM, Andrea Cavanaugh <Andrea.Cavanaugh@SMGOV.NET> wrote:


Gary Rhoades is in discussion with the building owner and their attorney. They are negotiating an agreement. One of the terms under negotiation is management training for Ross Gentry.

We will let you know when there is a development. Thanks for your patience. [Writing this September 14, 2916. Nearly TWO months after this email. Donna Gentry was so RUDE to me a couple weeks ago. How’s that agreement coming along? I NEED YOUR HELP!! NOW]

Andrea Cavanaugh
Consumer Protection Investigator
City of Santa Monica | City Attorney’s Office
1685 Main Street, 3rd Floor | Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.458.4994 O | 310.395.6727 F

From: Jenny Lens <>
Subject: NEED LETTER NOW, pls Re: Threatened by Ross Gentry w/his CITY contacts
Date: July 29, 2016 at 5:12:37 PM PDT
To: Andrea Cavanaugh <Andrea.Cavanaugh@SMGOV.NET>
Cc: Gary Rhoades <Gary.Rhoades@SMGOV.NET>

Management Training? I filed in OCTOBER. How much longer must I wait?


Or I make it ALL public. Soon.

Pls, I cannot survive this! My PTSD is off the charts, I have no doctor, no medication. 

HOW can Ross even keep his job? HE is disrupting MY ability to function!

He violates State laws, leaving that abandoned fridge w/doors out in public for 10 days.

I CANNOT TRUST HIM. He is nasty, vindictive, liar, ABUSER.

PLS HOW CAN I GET A LETTER TO throw in his face??

Thank you all,

Jenny Lens


I left you a series of long, complicated, detailed voicemails. Here’s a bit of info you can SEE. And hear.

Fellow tenants repeatedly told me: “THE CITY DOES NOT CARE. Owner will only replace them with someone just as bad. Nothing will change.” IS that your vision for Santa Monica? THAT is OUR reality.

I reached out to prepare you I have the legal right to make this and more evidence very public. Crimes are being committed. We talk about bullying. We say stand up to bullies. Stop Abuse. I’m told file a Complaint, follow procedures. I did all that and more.

Yet the City won’t help us.

I don’t like ultimatums. But when you use ALL the resources you can possibly use, and you keep being IGNORED by the very people whose job it is to protect us, then all bets off.

I am a person of peace. A famous photographer. I just want to make my art and teach. I rather work with you and the City to resolve this. BUT any stone-walling, and one button, and this and much much more is public.

HOW DARE he say, “if in fact a paralegal”. I EARNED MY ABA CERTIFICATE FROM UCLA. 91% grade. An “A” of course. He just belittles and pokes and chisels and most ALL his emails are like this. 

Since when is it ok for a highly accomplished, HIGHLY educated person like myself to be continually subjected to this abuse? I know what the public would say and do! That I’ve been far, far too patient and quiet. THIS IS KILLING ME. My blood pressure is going through the roof.

Vid: Ross Gentry ILLEGALLY evicting a long time tenant. SWEARING loudly and repeatedly in the courtyard. To at least half dozen residents/tenants.

HEAR manager’s irrational unfounded threats, illegal eviction, name calling from inside the former resident’s apt (and somewhat outside). Meyte, head of household,  recorded this. She didn’t want to be obvious, so she held phone by her side. Her grown daughter, Claudia, sent me the link:

The transcript compiles BOTH vids. I spent days transcribing this.

Some say, well, he didn’t do this to you. YES HE DID. I just didn’t video it. Time and time again, he has verbally attacked me. Just like the emails in my complaint and here. And the HUNDREDS I did not compile in the complaint. HUNDREDS of abusive, threatening emails over 75 months (SIX years, 3 months, so far).

Email involving YOU at bottom of all this. Serious transgressions. Jeopardizing the second most powerful person in the City cos he doesn’t like the FACT I cite law to him when VIOLATES the law when dealing with us? Really? YES REALLY.

** Either he overplayed his hand. Or you are his ally. You don’t know what we tenants and local merchants know about BOTH Donna Gentry and Ross Gentry.

This vid is what we experience OFTEN. FOR YEARS.

Ross Gentry SWEARING loudly and repeatedly in the courtyard.

Yet I utter one f-word, after he repeatedly insulted me and VIOLATED legal procedures, for 75 MONTHS, first time I tell him exactly how I feel (after a DAY of abuse from him) … he responds by throwing YOU under the bus!

Ross Gentry ALWAYS talks about how voices carry INSIDE and OUTSIDE our apts. I have many, many emails verifying this.

Yet he it is FINE for him to yell? To threaten? TO LIE about legal procedures, repeatedly. Then tell me he forgot more than I ever knew. Oy.

Not proper in open courtyard. Not when other tenants rush out to find out wassup. Not when he then swears at THEM. NOT EVER. It’s UNPROFESSIONAL.

** WHY INDEED should fellow tenants NOR I have any hope when the City has let us down, left us hanging, more vulnerable than ever? At least TWO complaints against the Gentrys. City says we won in 2012. 

CITY ATTORNEY WILL NOT PROVIDE anything in writing. Ross Gentry says we lost. And he ramped up the abuse!

City Attorney’s office repeatedly wrote me: FILE a Complaint and we’ll help you. We’ll tell you what the agreement was for the first complaint in 2012. 

I filed my complaint October 19, 2015. Met with City Attorney’s office November 18, 2015. THEY agreed I have a case!!

June 20 and July 28, 2016: Ross Gentry CAME to my home and insulted me, as always. I told him what he could do with it. HE is going to report ME? By going to you? As if you have time for whatever petty in the big world, big in my mine, dramatic issue HE created!

Ross Gentry: ABUSIVE, threatening, intimidating, TRAUMATIC STRESS inducing, gaslighting, irrational judgment. Treats us like horrible little children. I have done nothing wrong! 

WHY won’t the City write something to get this man out of my face?

WANT YOUR name and office in Rolling Stone? People? BoingBoing? I don’t want that. But these and other publications know me, they see my photos and any excuse to run them, or help me, they will!

**  I need YOUR help so that doesn’t happen. OR I GO PUBLIC WITH IT ALL.

The Gentrys, Ross Gentry and Donna Gentry (I have evidence against HER and PIO) always tell us they have so much POWER. 

THEY and ONLY THEY have THEY CITY behind them. Knowing YOU and others, elected and employed, means they RULE this building like their private empire. They tell us all the time. 

The fact Ross Gentry pulled YOUR position outta the blue to use against me is very telling. THANK YOU ROSS! I needed PROOF he uses his wife’s contacts against us. I never would have thought of contacting you. 

** He usually tells police officers of his wife’s powers. I wish I had footage. But neighbors repeatedly saw and heard him. Neighbors who called the police ON HIM. 

** Yes, Ross Gentry tells the police that his wife, Donna Gentry, has more power than they. Officers actually reported that to the neighbor (who called them cos Ross verbally accosted him), but he didn’t follow up. But I have his name and contact.


** HE put up surveillance cameras and ONLY used against US. He says so to Josh in the vid. 

Several had cars broken into in carport. BUT that footage was never clear nor available when tenants requested them. BUT Ross watched them IF any of us allowed a friend or family member to park in their spot. 

Since when can’t we allow a visitor to use our spot while visiting? Dropping off or picking something or someone up? NOT allowed per the Gentrys. But heaven forbid if someone needed it to report a REAL crime.

** I have txt msg wherein Ross Gentry called students from China “PIGS.”

** Accused strict Arab Muslims of gambling. Insulted and shamed them. Txt msg.

** Traumatized little children so badly they never left their bedroom other than to go to school. Never went outside, into the courtyard. Ross PHOTOGRAPHED them from his living room window playing outside. To report them. HOW can that be legal? He scared and scarred little kids, for life. AND adults!

** Wanna see pix of an abandoned fridge, with doors attached? OUTDOORS. In an open utility room where kids keep their scooters, trikes and bikes. Violated long standing CA law.

** YOU are into drought issues? How do you feel about using the hose at 1 pm on a hot day?

** Illegal leaf blower usage? Ross wrote in an email, the leaf blower ban was “a ricky-tacky law.” WHAT does that mean? HE talks about law and order, contracts, yada yada and then flagrantly VIOLATES a City law, cos it’s “tacky-tacky”?

** How about repeated suppression of free speech and assembly?

** Re YOUR position in email below: Talk about “Objectionable Language.” HOW many times did he say the F word? I love when he YELLS at the man/men upstairs, while swearing, in the vid.

Of course I have names and contact info, emails, txt msgs, that vid, and photos, lots of photos.

And more …

SIX years of this!


Not a threat. I cannot live like this. We either resolve this quietly or ….I call out my troops. The few Facebook pals, fans, supporters and the few press I’ve contacted are OUTRAGED. I haven’t even begun to reach out yet … 

IMAGINE getting HUNDREDS of emails like this … press online and in print, condemning the City.

I don’t want that scenario. But that’s around the corner if NO ONE from the City puts a muzzle on them. NOW. Not months from now. NOW. AUGUST 2016.

Let’s deal. I don’t want anyone innocent hurt. I ONLY want Donna Gentry and Ross Gentry OUT OF MY LIFE. 

So I can focus on my photos, create stock photos and teach. I rather follow a path of quiet peace.

Are you with me — the side of JUSTICE — or what? 

Other tenants repeatedly told me: THE CITY DOES NOT CARE. Owner will only replace them with someone just as bad. Nothing will change. IS that your vision for Santa Monica? THAT is our reality. Far from your dream city.

Thank you,

Jenny Lens, MFA 😉 the MOST published early West Coast punk rock photographer, 1976-80 (first gen punk)

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