Chinese Student Email Explanation July 2014

I received this email, based on Arin’s recommendation. I did NOT talk to anyone nor ask what was going on. No snooping! I was helpless to do anything. They needed an attorney. But in reality, what would that accomplish? They are students, here for a short time. They don’t have time to deal with all this.

Compiling all this was not easy. I had to sort thru the various screen shots and present in most logical order. Reading this and the text msgs remain very disturbing to me. THIS is our apartment manager. THIS is what the City doesn’t see. See it now.

Three related posts:  I received this email. (I only formatted bold or italic. No content changed). Plus Arin (living in #14 at the time) and forwarded what Alex sent him (6 txt msgs). Alex sent 20 txt msgs. Read ’em and weep. Powerful testimony.

From: 一帘幽梦” <>

Subject: The process of the thing
Date: July 27, 2014 8:26:43 PM PDT
To: “jenny” <>

I rent an apartment with my four friends in 2600 Virginia ave.  Because the contract due date of  people who lived there before is at the end of the month, they found another new house so we  moved in and signed an application with the manager. Last weekend the manager said we needed to sign a new lease. Previously,  he needed to clean the house, my friends and I just needed to put our stuffs in bedrooms, also asked us to put all stuffs in kitchen and living room on the table.

Because he had to clean to carpet,he asked us to move out for a week. At the same time he promised that nobody (he needed to hire painters and cleaners to come to our apartment to clean) would take them. we followed what he said, we left the apartment on Monday morning, and decided to live in our friend’s house at night. About 7PM I went back to apartment to find my math book, at that time everything was fine, it was the same as morning.

Unfortunately, one of my friends realized that she forgot to take her bag which has a camera and a wallet inside on Tuesday evening. So she came back to apartment immediately, when she arrived the apartment she found that everything on tables and refrigerator were missing, eventually they found all the things in trash boxes such as dictionaries, bowls ,vegetables, blender and so on except the bag, wallet and camera.

My another friend saw the bag in the living room before he left apartment  so they told the manager that they wanted to see the monitors. The manager didn’t allow them to see and he passed the buck. He said it was not his responsibility and he refused to help us. My friends tried to talk to him then he sent messages to one of my friends and said some terrible words like pig, troublemaker.

We called the police on Wednesday night. Because we didn’t have evidences to show who stole the bag  so police could not help us,he just told us the monitors are broken. The police suggested us to call the owner of the apartment. By the way, the manager is hired by the company which  the owner  asks them to help him or her rent the apartment.

The manager didn’t give us the owner’s phone number, so we found the company’s address( 2220S Beverly Glen Blvd) but it was just an apartment without any office. We called the company but nobody answered it. I called it again on Thursday morning a lady answered it I told her I wanna find the phone number  of the owner she asked me what  happened, I told her some terrible things happened between my manager and I.

She told me they can’t give me the number, the one thing they can do is help us find another apartment. My friend also called the company ,the supervisor hang up his phone. On Friday we went to the apartment to pick up all my stuffs because we think it was not safe to put all our stuffs here.

When we were moving ,the manager came in. He started to shout us, he asked us to go out and prevent us to move our stuffs out.  He also said something terrible words like stupid. He pulled my friend so we call the police, the police  come here again. 

We didn’t sign the lease and the application didn’t include days after 20th ,but the manager knew that and allowed us to put all stuffs here . I also found my neighbors who are Chinese girls. They said the manager always come into their apartment without their permission and he scolded them.

Yesterday we went back to pick up our other stuffs, the manager was asking repairman to change the lock. We keep all the messages which the manager send to us, and we take the video about the manager pulls my friends.

Today the manager says he will not return the deposit to the previous owner who are Chinese and our friends.  The manager is a drunker and the monitors are broken.

wrote on Saturday

Author: anat

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