Bring In da Noise NOT!!

“Our noise concern is unecessary and excessively loud voices, including shouting and boisterous laughter that can be heard throughout the enclosed courtyard because it traps and amplifies even normal voices; not the intermittent chirping of a smoke detector.

[IF a smoke detector, he’s violating Santa Monica CodeIf Ross doesn’t hear it, it doesn’t exist. IF We hear it, we don’t exist. Nor does the sound.]

“It’s a tenant’s responsibility to notify us about issues in their unit. It’s really none if your business what occurs in another unit unless you’re aware of a dire energency.”

[WHY did he write my roommate and I, asking about NOISE downstairs? NOT an issue in our apt. HE wanted US to LIE to substantiate his complaint.]

You aren’t the property’s designated ombudsman.

And you’re not an attorney, so continually referring to the law and legal rights in your missives is inappropriate.

[Really, it’s inappropriate to report maintenance issues and refer to the law? Really? Inappropriate to censor and silence my First Amendment Rights.]

“However, you’re welcome to file a complaint with the city about this matter and by the time it’s processed (weeks), I’ll have already taken action on this minor issue.”

[Whoa, is this a dare? Feels snarky, not helpful.]

Read next page cos he’s against Loud Laughter!

Ross, WE hear you! We hear you yelling at people all the time. Threats. Maintenance. All kinds of things.

Fine for him to yell across the courtyard. Vid of Ross SWEARING and YELLING at tenants. One tells him to shut up. He will NOT! Starts another round. Swearing. Yelling.

Most residents/tenants have never encountered so many petty noise and parking issues in their lives. Our friends and family are stunned. Defies logic. Many have been apartment dwellers for many decades.

We are living with serious noise. If Ross doesn’t hear it, it doesn’t exist. IF We hear it, we don’t exist. Nor does the sound.

He’s against “Loud Laughter.” “Whatever it is, he’s against it.” Groucho sang it as a joke. Ross means it, man. Seriously. Wants us to LIE and say we heard it.

He wrote me nasty emails about hearing me inside. I’ve immediately asked neighbors. One right next to Ross. One on the other side of me. They both said they NEVER hear me. Hallie, who hears all kinds of things (she knows where the bodies are buried) told me she NEVER hears me. To Ross, I’m “annoying.”

Throughout these emails, there’s a few issues. Noise, Parking, and general existence.

What is worse than high pitched, repetitive, LOUD, chirping, squeaking, possibly defective smoke detectors aka fire alarms (that’s what Ali, #6 calls them)? About 30 seconds apart. Longer it’s ignored, might hear more often.

Did I mention it’s against  SMMC 8.44.100? I did. No concern of our onsite managers. They don’t hear it. Didn’t spend much time trying to hear it either.

Ross constantly tells me NOT to quote code (that email is one of many). Plus he’s told me, repeatedly: DO NOT talk to an attorney and do not talk law.

Stifling my First Amendment Rights. I consider that harassment highly offensive and illegal.

Author: anat

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