Art Photo RARE Magnolia Outside My Window

APARTMENT 18: Mine. The Magnolia* tree outside my kitchen and living room windows rarely blooms. Maybe one bloom once a year. Then it dies the next day. IF I am blessed, I see it open and manage the time to photograph it.

Then I MAKE ART. Modify with art/photo software. Or use SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera; all photographer’s goals whenever possible). I used my big telephoto lens.

I see these trees covered with blossoms throughout Santa Monica, Palms and Mar Vista. But not in front of my home. So I WATCH and grab the op for ONE bloom. That means I walk around and STARE. At what I can and want to photograph.

I am BEING DENIED MY RIGHTS. Do not talk inside my apt, do not make maintenance requests, do not take photos. Much more, with emails to prove it.

Like that has legal standing. I think not!

Original photograph:



Fun ART Photos:






*I think this is a Magnolia tree. I could be wrong.

Author: anat

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