Adult Reactions to Dragging a Child

Reactions from Abuse Victims re Drgagged Child
#ErikaBurch is helping so many abuse victims. As a 66 yr old woman, I burst into tears seeing her headline. I too have my grocery store memories. 60 yrs later, it still hurts. I revealed info I’ve never shared with anyone. I’m getting beautiful comments and msgs.

It’s just the start of the convo. Listen and look carefully: when we post this, we find out many, many adults have these memories. The abuse accompanies us throughtout our lives.

Quite often, it’s not physical (or sexual) abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse can be very damaging. I suffered both physical beatings and verbal abuse.

TERRIBLE burder to put into a small child’s life. Dark clouds accompany us our whole lives. Some become abusers. Some fight abuse. Some just retreat. Some don’t even KNOW the impact of abuse on us … the first step is to keep up this discussion.

Raise awareness.

Never shut up about abuse and how wrong it is! Never justified.

CHANGE the laws.

FIGHT BACK. Never be silent!


My story (and I left out my mother’s involvement, who was relentless with the verbal and emotional abuse, to the day she died. Yet ppl loved her and thought she walked on water. Because I was silent. It’s very hard to convince ppl your parents abuse you.)

Margie Strike and Pamela Kirk
Pamela Kirk: Yes,Jenny.??Dark clouds do accompany our whole lives,sadly.
I grew up at the hands of this kind of a father.Hair pulling,slapping and kicking were standard.
I must applaud this woman for speaking up and taking the pictures….See More

Jenny Len:s THIS is why are such good friends. One thing most all my caring, compassionate friends share: a history of abuse. Or some just thankfully have big understanding hearts. But punk was all about abused kids …

I am so sad to read this, Pamela Kirk. I saw yr name online and KNEW you would comment. Just didn’t know I’d read of yr experiences. Same with private msgs … :'(

Pamela Kirk: I know I am in such good company,and proud that we have SURVIVED!!!!
Sending a big hug,Jenny……Hugs never lose their

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