I’m accused of ‘snooping’ and ‘harassment’ wherein I’ve merely created thousands of amazing photos.  I merely tried to find source of persistent, annoying possibly defective smoke detector (again).  Pus documenting possible city, state, and other laws. Plus helping many current and former tenants. I have strong evidence.

(Start with the vid and transcript of abusive behavior ONLY from Ross Gentry, onsite manager.)

PLUS Photos: Abandoning Refrigerator for ten (10 days). ILLEGAL Leaf blowers for five (5) years. Plus Leaf blower and water hose during peak hours. (See probably Legal Violations by management.

I’ve been a major target who refuses to back down when illegal demands are repeatedly made. Don’t talk in my home. Don’t talk outside. Don’t talk to neighbors. Don’t sit outside. Don’t walk outside. Don’t look around.

virtual prisoner in my own home.

Threatened, Intimidated, Hassled and Harassed. Repeatedly. WHILE these and other possible violations repeatedly occur. For Five years.

Leaf Blower Water Hose Collage

Leaf Blower Water Hose Collage

Fridge Abandoned July 20-30, 2015

Fridge Abandoned July 20-30, 2015

Leaf Blower photos taken IN FRONT of or next door to manager, #3. He HEARS me but not leaf blowers or water in a hose, in front of his unit? Abandoned refrigerator outside my apartment, noticed it on my way downstairs. The managers, never notice that perhaps these are violations of both state and city laws? Ya know, code, the thing HE TOLD ME TO STOP saying or writing.

And you’re not an attorney, so continually referring to the law and legal rights in your missives is inappropriate.” Really? WHERE is the LAW which requires one to be an attorney to code the law and legal rights? And an email is a missive? Says WHO?

[I earned my ABA Paralegal Certificate from UCLA, ranked in 90th+ percentile, although I don’t update it nor work in law. But I learned a few things about how the legal process is supposed to work. The big question: does the legal process work? How do we work it when we are mistreated or see probable code violations?]

My apartment is angled so I can see, photograph and hear him and his wife. Often. And they can hear me. Sometimes. BUT I asked neighbors to my left and downstairs (friends) if they heard me, after he sent a nasty email. They told me they never hear me. Ever.

He hears me. That’s courtyard living.

I heard the leaf blower from my back room Thursday, Oct 8, 2015, but too late to take photos. But it was THAT loud. But he doesn’t hear it or know it’s ILLEGAL? He repeatedly tells us he knows more about laws than we. Sigh.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours dealing with these issues over the last five+ years. My lost productivity, plus emotional, psychological and physical stress is increasing.

Check out a small sample of my beautiful photos in my courtyard apartment complex. (Look under the Photos menu link).