Smoke Detector Code Violation 8.44.100. June – October 2015

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On Jun 23, 2015, at 12:35 PM, Jenny Lens wrote:


By law (code below), landlord is required to maintain smoke detectors. #15 Smoke detector with low/dead battery or broken. I repeatedly stood outside #15 door to locate loud chirping.

Pls remove the offending battery NOW. Imagine hearing a loud chirping every couple of minutes. Around the clock.

Alison MacKenzie, #6, told me several months ago she reported this to both Donna (while in laundry room) and spoke with Ross Gentry. She said constant chirping of a low/dead battery or broken smoke detector.

Alison told me Ross said smoke detectors don’t go bad nor do they chirp.

For several YEARS, I’ve tried to locate this sound. Only because #15 door is open, I recognized tell-tale sound of a smoke detector chirping. I was stunned when Alison told she and her boyfriend Rick heard it that long too.

Shocked she reported the problem and told there’s no problem.

I expect battery removed NOW. Every 90-180 seconds or so, we hear this loud chirping.

I hear it in my kitchen! I heard it all Saturday and Sunday. Verified when I repeatedly walked over and heard it. I heard it thru my earplugs, worn in my living room.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this Safety Hazard! Smoke detectors are installed to keep us safe.

Replace the unit or battery soon. Remove the battery so it stops chirping. NOW.

— Smoke Detectors: Santa Monica Municipal Code:

8.44.100 Smoke detectors—Existing residential occupancies.

(e)   Maintenance. Smoke detectors shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times. Detectors shall be tested, maintained and cleaned at least annually by the building owner. Proof of maintenance and cleaning shall be maintained by the building owner for a minimum of five years. New batteries shall be installed in smoke detectors annually or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. When it is determined that any installed smoke detector was manufactured more than ten years prior to the effective date of this Chapter, it shall be replaced.

— Why do smoke alarms chirp intermittently?

The “chirp” will only be caused by issues surrounding the battery or miss-wiring.

— Why is My Smoke Alarm Beeping?

“Smoke alarms are essential to ensure that any fire in your home is detected quickly enough for it to be put out without causing extensive damage to life or property. However, a smoke alarm that keeps beeping when there is no fire can be a major irritant that alarms small children and pets and causes you to lose sleep. If any of the smoke alarms in your home is beeping or chirping at regular intervals you need to take steps to stop this.”

Thank you,
Jenny Lens, #18
2600 Virginia Ave

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