Santa Monica City + Ross + Donna Gentry = Conflict for Residents

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Donna Gentry works with the City, planning events (to my knowledge).

Ross always holds that over our heads. His wife is such a big shot. Such good friends with the Police Department. He said this time and time again.

You can read it throughout this document. Always threatening to call the Police. Aren’t the Police a bit too busy to come out cos a child or adult made noise for a few minutes?

Alison MacKenzie told me Donna Gentry often gossips in the laundry room. Or outside, because Ali and Donna run into each other. Ali has shared a few incidences with me.

Donna told Ali, and I paraphrase:

“You know, crime is up. It would be good to get rid of that element in our neighborhood.” [This is the gist, talk to Alison for details.]

Word spread that Ross (perhaps Donna) were saying that Raul Jr is “threatening.” Next thing we knew, Ross Gentry (and I assume the Roberts Companies) filed a lawsuit. Details:

Les Miz Redux or Nuisance Lawsuit?

This came to a head with circa July 2014 incident with Oscar and Raul, #16.

Oscar Sanchez told Alison MacKenzie #6 and I the following:

Ross allegedly threatened that he would evict them. The offense: Cute little Zach, who is Oscar’s nephew, Raul’s grandson, was visiting. He’s about 7? I don’t know kid’s ages. Anyway, he made a little noise. Nothing to write home about.

Ross, while yelling at Oscar, pulled out Donna’s photo. It escalated. Oscar told Ross to leave. Oscar called the police.

Ross also showed the Police a photo and said “Do you know who this is? My wife is good friends with the Police Department.”

The Police returned to #16. Police allegedly told Oscar he could open he could file a report. I think they gave a card to Oscar to follow up.

I do not know the status. Raul and Oscar only told me in was being investigated. I wonder.

First time any of us heard that Ross has displayed his aggressive, intimidating behavior to city personnel. It is especially fitting that he said this to the Police. [Based on what Oscar told us.]

BUT IF Ali had not been home and heard the commotion upstairs, and I happened to pass by, see her door open, and say Hi, we would never know this. How many other times has this happened?

IF Donna Gentry did NOT gossip, I could not put together these pieces. Wonder what other incidents?

I wrote this prior to July 2014. Compiling this, Ross is OFTEN threatening to call the Police. It’s in the text msgs and Lease Illegally Unilaterally Imposed: City Said NO!

MORE yelling, next page … 

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