Roof Leak or Soda Pop? Ross VERBALLY ABUSIVE

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Water Stains VERIFICATION of Roof Leak.

Water Stains VERIFICATION of Roof Leak.

Rain leaked into my back rooms every winter. At least ONE month each year was all about getting the roof fixed. For 13 years. I lost 13 months of my life. It was horrible!

Then Ross worked with roofers. No more leaking. I pray. Cos you never know … BUT ..

December 26, 2012, rain. I reported a strange leak outside the front of my unit. From my email:

“I wiped dry a spot TWICE so there seems to be a weird water leak. Stand outside my apt, in front of the big picture window, a few feet left of my door. Right where the wall hits the pavement, there’s water.

You can see it coming from where the wall and pavement touch, and it spread about 8 inches. I’m going to put masking tape on the wall and ground to show you where.”

[So much for his claim I don’t provide specific locations: what sidewalk you’re referring to.]

Mr Gentry wrote “looks like spilled soda pop. I’ll send notice to unit #8 ASAP.”

I questioned that because:

  • Twice in same spot?
  • Leak seemed to be coming from inside the bldg outward. No one spills that close to the wall.
  • Hmm, #8 is under me. My neighbors are #17.

A few weeks later, the plumber, Felipe, rang my bell. He was told I had a plumbing problem. I’ve known Felipe for years. Before the Gentrys. Not uncommon for him to check to see if  to fix something, even without my asking.

I told him I didn’t have a problem.

Felipe said “Your roof is leaking.”

I said, “Yes, but Mr Gentry won’t believe me.”

Felipe showed me that if you look from the ground up, you could see through my window that the window sill was water stained. Further up, we could see round beige water spots where the water was coming down from my roof into the living room, onto the sill, and out the outside pavement.

Maybe he noticed my masking tape.

Later I saw Mr. Gentry. I mentioned what Felipe told me.

Mr Gentry became FURIOUS at me. Yelling that ” you are not to talk to the repair people.”

Excuse me? Felipe and I KNEW it wasn’t soda and Ross is yelling at me?

I told Mr Gentry: “Felipe came to my door, HE TOLD ME. I didn’t bring it up.”

They don’t want us talking to each other or the repair people.

IF that’s not harassment, I don’t know what is. A VERY uncomfortable environment. Yelling at me and telling me what to do. I did nothing wrong.


What right does Ross have to chastise and criticize me? And ignore my leaking roof?

It’s March …. And not repaired, to my knowledge. Maybe they worked on the roof, but not indoors.

The tape is still there.

THEN ….read through the last page. Ross yelled at me for talking to the Roofers. Who had NO idea about my leak … after all that, Ross never told them about the leak.

Author: anat

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