Reactions to Abusively Dragging a Child

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A few comments about MY experience being dragged as a child. One (of many) incident(s) which change a person forever. The private messages were heartbreaking. So many people, especially girls, experienced all kinds of violent and verbal abuse as children.

(Or see/comment on this thread here.)

‘Please stop’: Young girl begs as unapologetic Texas dad drags her through Walmart by the hair
Photos of a Cleveland, Texas man pushing a cart through a Walmart store while dragging his young daughter by the hair have gone viral on Facebook with over…

Amanda Martínez: If no one has then I will say it, you are a good girl. And a strong woman and a survivor. Thank you for sharing that story so many other victims of abuse can see they are not alone and what a survivor can do and go on to be. The woman expressed several times she wants the child to know someone cares. You have such a rich and vibrant story to share with the world one day.

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