Parking Issues

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Ross used MY parking spot from January 2014 until September 2015. Said neither my roommate nor I had a car. Ross would not allow anybody else to park in the spot, prior to that.

NO compensation for illegally taking away our space. I told him that I was paying for that spot. He called me a liar. Said that wasn’t true.

NOT true my rent includes a parking spot? Constantly quotes my lease. I see it includes a parking spot. AM I still the liar?

I could not report it to Rent Control. I’d have to give up my spot. I would never do that. But why was I paying for something I could NOT use?

Alison MacKenzie, #6, received a letter from Ross. It stated that because she was a “single woman,” her allotment of two parking spaces is reduced to one spot. Ali contact Rent Control. Awarded rent reduction of $75/month. Meyte #4, lost a spot, but didn’t go to Rent Control. There were others.

Because Ali is a SINGLE WOMAN, she loses one of her two parking spaces. We both shook our heads reading that letter.

I wrote this March 2013:
These are a few of the issues some other residents shared with me. Plus a few of my dealings with Ross over Parking. He has this THING about the carports!

Some are told to park their cars head in, when they prefer backing in.

Author: anat

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