Manager Mocks Ability to Photograph Clouds and Sunset

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READ ALL this condescending, demanding, dismissive, harassing and threatening email thread. I love taking photos outdoors. Which I have been prevented from doing. My fresh air, exercise and art outlawed because of manager’s harassment. I am an artist denied my rights.

 “Jenny, You’d have some difficulty watching the sun set while standing in front of units #18, #19 & #20 unless you can see through the building.”

READ and SEE MORE photos EXACTLY where I said I stand, study, photograph or meditate when looking up at the skies:

Photos Clouds Sunset Around Units Cited in Email 


I CAN See Thru Buildings! PROOF I SEE Sunset WHERE I Said I DO!


Sunset Seen Thru Buildings! Spectacular After Rainbow

I wrote I watch clouds AND watch the sun set between 18, 19, 20 AND 15, 16, 17. I was keeping it brief. So literal, so picky, so unreasonable.

Read these four (4) pages of emails … look HOW I am turned into the villain. Except I have photos, other neighbor’s emails refuting manager’s baseless claims and the laws to prove harassment and threats.

All because I wanted to look at clouds and determine the source of probable defective smoke detector, in violation of SMMC 8.44.100.

(And because I always speak truth to power, quote code, while he ignores legitimate maintenance requests and turns me into the harasser. Talk to the tenants. See for yourself.)

[See Cloud and Sunset photos. I stood OUTSIDE 18, 19 and 20 AND outside 17, as I stated. You can see the tops of the units.]



[THIS was taken standing outside #17 on my left, #15 on my right. Seeing through buildings? I look UP! I consider this harassment and tantamount to calling me a liar.]

MORE HARASSING emails and photos, next page.

Author: anat

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