Maintenance Procedures Inconsistent

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PLEASE READ this. Ross has been inconsistent how we deal with maintenance issues or communicate with him. Confusing, inconsistent with yelling and scolding. Think people are willing to report issues, unless really bad? I know for a fact people shut down due to the following.

I have been a renter for 40 years. I’ve never encountered such hostility by merely reporting a maintenance issue.

Ross was very aggressive in his email about my [most renters] coming to his doorHe become enraged, furious, yelling, criticizing and condemning.

Ross and I went round and around about best [any?] way to communicate with him.

Ross initially required that we fill a maintenance report. But obtaining the blank form is very difficult. Ross told me that he will determine whether or not something needs to be repaired. Fine.

But how do I report it to him? I had to ask many many times for a maintenance form. He will not give me any extra blank forms. Is this professional behavior?

KEEP READING! It gets worse!

Author: anat

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