Les Miz Redux or Nuisance Lawsuit?

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Puzzled by the case of #16. Ross filed something against them. Whatever their motivations, were they over reaching? Invaded their privacy by talking? By looking into someone’s record and deciding he needs to go? I don’t know, I’m not an attorney. It was a private matter. 

Donna Gentry told Alison MacKenzie #6 who told me. 

I was greatly bothered when Ali told me. I thought: They don’t want US to talk, but they talk ABOUT us to each other? What are they saying about me? Ali? It’s creepy.

Puzzled by what Raul Sr told me: he and his attorney appeared in court three (3) times. Neither Ross nor his attorney appeared.

What? All this stress, finding an attorney, preparing and paying for a defense, and Ross Gentry never shows up?

Puzzled. Why didn’t Ross and his attorney show up at a case he initiated?

Raul Sr, Raul Jr, and Oscar Sanchez’s family have lived in #16 for over 20 years (I believe). Ali lives below.

Ali relayed a story one evening. Ali often runs into Donna Gentry in the laundry room.

Donna told Ali “You know there’s a lot of crime in this community. It would so good if we could get rid of people living in our neighborhood to cut down on crime.

Ali and I were talking because, through the grapevine, I heard from several sources Ross initiated a complain, lawsuit, whatever, again, I’m not an attorney. We didn’t know legal grounds. What happened in #16?

Some tenants try to help each other. People are afraid to talk. They don’t know where to ask for help. They don’t know they have rights, but those involve difficult procedures for many.

Author: anat

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