Lease Illegally Unilaterally Imposed: City Said NO!

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How would you react if you received an UNILATERAL demand to sign a new lease? The City and Tenants agreed Ross Gentry went too far.

Notice usage of “Legal.” As if he is the warden and we are ruining his version of how people MUST behave in a courtyard. He actually has imposed much of this on us. Despite the City’s decision.

Many left … but some can’t or do not want to leave. We LOVE it here. Other than the Gentrys and Roberts/RHB who support all he and his wife does, says and writes.

Read some typed exerts. SO much more I could write about this.

IF this isn’t scary, repressive or oppressive or YES, HARASSMENT, then what is??

Not intended to be Restrictive. Mutually cooperative“? In whose world? Not ours.
Oppressive Restrictive Lease

#4: ROSS Gentry decides WHAT is “unnecessary, excessive or disruptive noise …. Management reserves the right to enlist the Santa Monica Police for regulation of such unruly behavior.

So the Police will come tell us to turn down our TV? Stop laughing? See Noise.

IF THAT IS NOT A THREAT TO USE HIS INFLUENCE with the Police or police us, what is?

He is ALWAYS talking about how his wife, Donna Gentry, is so close to City Officials. Police. Chamber of Commerce. PIO. Et al. Holding that over our heads all the time.

We were SHOCKED. Families, students, teachers, artists, retired folks. We were doing just FINE before the Gentrys took over and turned our lives upside down.

Unruly Behavior-Police Threats #4 Lease

Author: anat

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