Illegal Entry + Accused Muslims of Gambling: Shamed Them

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Ross illegally burst into #14 upstairs apartment. (Not first time, per info below. Plus Illegal Entries incidents in numerous other units.)

Arin told me Omar and his pals were HORRIFIED when Ross burst into the apartment.

Accused observant Arab Muslims of running a casino card room! That shamed and embarrassed Omar. It’s against he and his pals’ religion to gamble.

If that’s not harassment, what is?

He is going to call the Police? When no one else heard it? Playing monopoly, then poker for no money. WAY back in the dining area. AT 6 PM!

Casino Accusation #14

We are required to IMMEDIATELY let him know who is in our parking spot or will be towed. He has this thing about WHO parks in which spot. At all times. We don’t get THAT upset if car in our spot. We deal then. Doesn’t happen often.

Author: anat

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