Chirping Listen: Smoke Detector or Outrageously Annoying?

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Click to Listen: Chirping, squeaking. Louder when door open. Usually open for many hours in this heat. I compiled three (3) short recordings with approx. 30 second intervals of the high pitched, chirping sound. I had to be careful I would not be reported as “snooping” or “harassing.” Plus my 10 year old little digital recorder is for speaking. Flattened the pitch.

Numbers indicate approximates time when chirping:

October 17, 12:35 pm:
2, 30, 58, girl walking up the stairs, 1:20 girls greeting, 1:27, 1:55, 2:24.

October 8, 8 pm: (lots of background noise, but focus on the HIGH pitched chirps.)
2:31, 3, 3:28, ends 3:31.

October 8, 3 pm:
3:36 (faint), 4:05, 4:33, ends 4:39.

I’m a visual artist, not used to looking clocks and writing times. I put HOURS into this! Figuring good times to sneak out, listening, counting, putting the audio together.

First recording rather clear. My back was towards #15 and #17. I I held my little recorder towards my right, facing #15. I am NOT saying noise originates from there.

We both heard #15 last spring, Alison MacKenzie #6: Smoke Detector Chirping: Neighbor Reported Oct 2015.  We have no idea if any others reported it then and/or now, plus people left … and …

I am the one being threatened with violating MY lease? Welcome to the Twilight Zone for the last FIVE plus (5+) years.

I focused on the garden downstairs which Ali created. I noticed two purple Iris buds yesterday. When I walked that pathway down the stairs to farmer’s market and library today, the irises were in full bloom. Not very tall. Very easy to miss. Gotta LOOK.

Someone came up the stairs. I assume a girl due to light foot steps and subsequent  voices. #15 I guess. She didn’t walk long enough to go into another unit. From their reactions, maybe they saw her outside.Chair-Common-Area-July-23-2015-5

Author: anat

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