Bring In da Noise NOT!!

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“Our noise concern is unecessary and excessively loud voices, including shouting and boisterous laughter that can be heard throughout the enclosed courtyard because it traps and amplifies even normal voices; not the intermittent chirping of a smoke detector.

[IF a smoke detector, he’s violating Santa Monica CodeIf Ross doesn’t hear it, it doesn’t exist. IF We hear it, we don’t exist. Nor does the sound.]

“It’s a tenant’s responsibility to notify us about issues in their unit. It’s really none if your business what occurs in another unit unless you’re aware of a dire energency.”

[WHY did he write my roommate and I, asking about NOISE downstairs? NOT an issue in our apt. HE wanted US to LIE to substantiate his complaint.]

You aren’t the property’s designated ombudsman.

And you’re not an attorney, so continually referring to the law and legal rights in your missives is inappropriate.

[Really, it’s inappropriate to report maintenance issues and refer to the law? Really? Inappropriate to censor and silence my First Amendment Rights.]

“However, you’re welcome to file a complaint with the city about this matter and by the time it’s processed (weeks), I’ll have already taken action on this minor issue.”

[Whoa, is this a dare? Feels snarky, not helpful.]

Read next page cos he’s against Loud Laughter!

Author: anat

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