Art Process Includes Staring

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Snooping. Snaring. Studying. Probing. Looking. Rinse and Repeat. Til you take your last breath. Or give up being an artist. As if!

Before I spend time creating and processing photos, I LOOK. I look off into space, my mind elsewhere.

Something grabs me. Light. Shadow. Reflections. Shapes. Textures. Colors. I LIVE FOR THESE MOMENTS. I’ve been making art since I was able to hold a crayon. Acclaimed. Educated. Taught. Honored.

I have no time, energy nor interest for these power trips! These accusations! The way I am treated.

Can’t cite code. Can’t talk INSIDE my apt. Can’t talk TO people. Can’t take photos outside. Can’t do yoga outside. Can’t sit outside. 

WHY did I live in a COURTYARD but to do these things? Voices carry too.

My parking space taken away and not compensated while gone.

I can’t report maintenance issues without being subject to the Spanish Inquisition.

I DO expect it (Monty Python ref). I’m on the rack. BUT I’ve evidence. I won’t break! Getting a good stretch which I need being SO TENSE and SO MANY HOURS dealing.

OVER FIVE YEARS. Enough already!

My inner sense jumps on a design or pattern or cloth of clothing, but rarely remember the person’s face. I don’t look at what other people look at. I don’t see what they see. I’ve been told that by SO many people.

I see as an artist! Sometimes my eyes drift off in thought. Many can verify!

Author: anat

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